#242: Hot Off the Press

In November, Pieter Boekhout of the online magazine FreshPlaza, visited the Grapa offices to interview members of our team for a feature in the magazine. We are delighted

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#241: News from Peru

Continuing our journey around the ARRA™ world; This week, we bring you updates from the ARRA programme in the Chiclayo and Ica regions of Peru. 

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South Africa

#240: Labour of Love

This week, we check out the bountiful ARRA 29 harvest at Silverlands Vineyards and present the second instalment of the Grapa team’s recent trip to South Africa and Namibia where the team visited the ARRA™ growers in the Hex River Valley.

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#239: Top of the Field

The Grapa team have returned from a lightning visit to South Africa and Namibia. With a packed schedule, the team visited ARRA™ growers and joined TopFruit’s

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ARRA Field Day: Namibia

On November 20th, the Grapa team joined the ARRA™ field day held by TopFruit at Aussenkehr, Namibia, attracting hundreds of growers from South Africa and Namibia. While touring farms of Solar Grapes, Frontier Grapes, Namibian Grape Company, Cape Orchard Company and Silverlands Vineyards’ Hillside Farm, the growers sampled Grapa’s wonderful ARRA varieties, such as ARRA 13, ARRA 14, ARRA 15 and ARRA 29.

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