Egypt GrAPES

The Early Sweet ® harvest is underway in Egypt

With the present high demand for table grapes in European supermarkets together with ideal weather conditions in Egypt, the season is off to a promising start for the Early Sweet growers in Egypt.

Egypt Grapes
Fruitful abundance in the vineyards of Fayed Agricultural Development Company-FATA

Today the Egyptian growers have an exceptionally high level of knowledge in the production of Early Sweet.
The Early Sweet growers’ club in Egypt maintains high quality grapes and packaging by way of outstanding quality control and the Early Sweet importers in Europe appreciate and respect this high quality.

Egypt Grapes
Ripening Early Sweet ® in Technogreen vineyards

One of the secrets to the success of the Egyptian Early Sweet growers is maintaining the perfect balance between high fruit quality and harvest timing at ideal sugar levels. In addition, this balance is kept with relatively high yields, resulting in notable profitability.

Compared to previous years, this balance of high quality together with high yield is remarkable and results in a high profit margin.

As Technogreen’s Elkatta Farm Manager, Mostafa Hassan remarks, “Early Sweet this season 2018 where the weather conditions in Egypt ideal and with thinning spray of the GA3 we got a very high quality of the final product and with a production of higher than 22 metric tons per hectare because the fertility is very high.”

Early Sweet ® in Egypt.

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