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Founded in 2001 by family farmers, Jose Ramon Rituerto and Paco Casallo, Haciendasbio is the first producer of organic fruit and vegetables in Spain.
Jose and Paco’s goal was to produce healthy food by ecologically sustainable farming methods. Today, Haciendasbio produces over 2,400 acres of organic fruit and vegetables on more than thirty farms.

Last week the Grapa team attended the opening of HaciendasBio’s state-of-the-art, ecologically sustainable packing facilities, located in the Ecological Park in Merida. Each production line will produce 50 – 60 tonnes a day. At present the facility has four production lines for stone fruit and one line for grapes, which will increase to four production lines of grapes in the future.

haciendasbio plant

In June, HaciendasBio’s new ecological park will be inaugurated in Merida. The park, spread over 400 hectares, will host the new production center of HaciendasBio. The handling and packaging center will have an area of 10,500 square meters and 180 employees. The company estimates that the annual production will be 20,000 tons of fruit including our ARRA Varieties, and 12,700 of vegetables.
In addition, the park will have a production building of almost 9,500 square meters, a refrigerated silo of 682 square meters, and a research center in which 100 specialized technicians will work on the development of knowledge about organic biodynamic agriculture.

Antonio Casallo, Sales Director with Nomi enjoying the evening reception.
Vered (left) and Nomi (right) Karniel, touring the nectarine orchards

Haciendas Bio grow the ARRA varieties with great success, reaching fantastic results. It is clear that this is due to the varieties’ ease of growing and their characteristics which enable them to excel when grown organically under HaciendasBio’s expertise and professionalism.

The Grapa team hopes to visit the facility again in the coming season to see the ARRA varieties coming off the new production lines.

Olmi's First De-leafing Machine in California

Olmi S.R.L. De-leafing Machine

Olmi’s first de-leafing machine in California was developed by the Olmi family in Italy. The leaf removing machine was imported to California by Giumarra Vineyards in order to be demonstrated by the Olmi team Sergio and Antonella Olmi at the beginning of the season. The machine’s impressive results received much praise and positive feedback from the Giumarra technical team and farm managers. The machine’s purpose is to remove leaves from around the bunches to ensure bunch exposure to light.
The machine saves substantially on manpower needed for leaf removal and gives results very similar to manual leaf removal.

Before machine de-leafing.
After machine de-leafing
Sergio (far left) and Antonella Olmi with Leroy Kunz and Shachar

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