Bakersfield, ARRA Field Day

2018 Early ARRA™ Open Field Days

It is our pleasure to share with you the great success of the field days, which were held in Bakersfield, California last week.

Bakersfield, California

A warm welcome awaited our participants

Guests from 14 countries worldwide, came to see and taste the exceptional ARRA varieties and pipeline varieties.

Looks grape to us

Throughout the guided tour, the participants were impressed with the commercial plantations of the ARRA 29 and ARRA 30 and with the uniqueness of the new pipeline varieties that are currently in advanced stages of evaluation.

In the coming newsletter edition, we will take a closer look at the varieties and pipeline varieties displayed during these early field days.

Take your pick

The table displays of the grapes presented the varieties that had been seen in the field tour and the upcoming varieties, many of which have high commercial potential.

Breaking bread together

After the morning vineyard tour, guests enjoyed lunch and the chance to catch up and share their impressions and experiences of the field day.

We couldn't have done it without you

We would like to express our appreciation to the Giumarra family who kindly hosted and gave their full support to the field days.
Special thanks from the entire Grapa team go to all the guests who flew in from the four corners of the globe to attend the field days in Bakersfield, and whose participation made the event so memorable.

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