Pipeline Varieties

July Open Field Days - Pipeline Varieties

This week, we feature the pipeline varieties that were on show at the July field days.
For our readers who were unable to make it to the July field days, it is our pleasure to keep you updated of the developments in the ARRA™ programme and to show you these promising, upcoming varieties.

Code 9A-3+1

This is a very early variety. Today it is the closest to Early Sweet™ in terms of  harvest time and eating quality. It excels in its creamy color that does not change with time. It is amazing that an early variety with such a short growing cycle can reach such a high level of crunchiness. Its productivity, size and beauty make it the almost perfect early variety to grow.

Pipeline Varieties: 9A-3+1

Code 7A-40+1

This red variety excels in early timing already 3 years in a row, ripening 10 days before flame. It reaches full color naturally. Fertile with a good berry size. In addition to its other advantages, its special taste combining acidity and light Muscat aroma make it the tastiest and earliest variety at this ripening time.

Pipeline Variety: 7A-40+1

Code 8A-19+4 (AKA Jumbo)

After three consecutive years of much acclaim, the variety is in the final stage of evaluation. The variety’s advantages are numerous: berry size, fertility, creamy color with a smooth and shiny skin, does not brown, crack or shatter in cold storage or shipment. The harvest timing is right after ARRA 30 at Thompson time, thus it is an ideal replacement for Thompson.   

Code 79B-44+1

This new variety surprised us all with its beautiful fire color, berry size and elongated shape. It is crunchy and sweet and ripens right after ARRA 29. It gives a good yield and is easy to grow.

Code 83B-21+2

Very early, crunchy, black variety. Ripens together with ARRA 30, elongated, crispy, high yield and full beautiful color.

As such an early black, the fact that its color is full  and complete is an impressive phenomenon in itself. The variety is new in the pipeline and this was its debut performance, we will continue to follow and develop it.

Code 30A-11+3

In the series of reds, this variety ripens third after 7A-40+1 and ARRA 29, ripening right after the ARRA 29 harvest ends. It excels in berry size and impressive yield. Its fertility and ease, in addition to its size and taste, make it a serious candidate for our ARRA red selection. This is the third year of evaluation and the characteristics are constant.

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