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This week, we explore the bright future of the ARRA red varieties in Brazil.

The Future is Looking Rosy

Recently, the Grapa technical team in Brazil, Augusto Prado, Russaika Nascimento and Nayara Setoguchi, held their third ARRA™ Field Day of the year where visitors took the opportunity to view the upcoming red ARRA varieties.

The Grapa team together with the Avant Agroquimica sponsors.

The field day, sponsored by Avant Agroquímica, was held in Coopexvale’s test block with more than one hundred growers attending. The varieties on the vine were very impressive and the Grapa team received great feedback from the visitors.

red grapes
Something for everyone

Variety 10A-3+3

The crispness and natural dark pink colour combined with high yield and uniform berry size put this variety in the top five of the new mid-late red ARRA varieties.

red grapes
Variety 10A-3+3, a field day favourite

Variety 93B-6+1 

This variety was evaluated as one of the top five already in 2016, due to its elongated berries, excellent sugar-acid balance and indication of good fertility, which is encouraging as a new red variety in the evaluation stage.

red grapes
Another popular variety with the visitors, 93B-6+1

Variety 11A-87+1

This is distinguished as a mid-season variety in California due to its great and constant yield, colour and shelf-life.

Variety 11A-87+1

Variety 14A-51+3

This new, light Muscat red variety is at present being evaluated in California and Brazil in order to determine its future.

Variety 14A-51+3

Variety 30A-11+3

This wonderful, early variety has been evaluated in California over the last three years and shows excellent results; big, crunchy, fertile and sweet. We are looking forward with great hope for this promising variety

Variety 30A-11+3

Variety 93B-35+7

As one of the top five, this variety has been evaluated in California over the last two years with great success. Its delicious eating quality, uniformity and yield speaks for itself.

Variety 93B-35+7

Variety 41-30+6

This wonderful Muscat variety has a slower ripening period than others. In order to get the full colour, crunchiness and flavour, patience is the key

Variety 41-30+6

Where are we next?

This month, there are two opportunities to catch up with the Grapa team and view a selection of ARRA varieties; at PMA, Florida and at Fruit Attraction, Madrid.

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