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This week, we focus on last week’s Fruit Attraction exhibition in Madrid where Grapa presented the late ARRA™ varieties and we review this year’s harvest of organically grown ARRA varieties from the vineyards of Haciendasbio in Spain.

Grapa Varieties at Fruit Attraction

The Grapa team were on hand to welcome both new visitors and old friends alike to see and taste the ARRA table grape varieties displayed on the Grapa stand at Fruit Attraction.

It’s all about the grapes

…..and the people

Visitors received a warm welcome from Grapa team ladies, Vered and Nomi
AVI and Grapa: together we make a great team.

Tasting Panel at Fruit Attraction

New selections of ARRA codes were brought over from California for evaluation which was carried out by all of ARRA’s technical and commercial teams in Europe. It was a precious opportunity for Grapa and the results of the evaluation indicated which are the most suitable codes to be taken forward.

Many thanks to all our visitors, friends and colleagues who took the time to come and visit us at the Grapa stand. We hope to see you again soon.

Spanish producer of organic ARRA varieties – Haciendasbio

Haciendasbio is a leading company in the European organic fruit and vegetable market. Growing ARRA varieties with great success, Haciendasbio has shown steady improvement and development year after year in producing ARRA varieties. We would like to share with you their impressive performance.


The great results of the organically grown ARRA 15 can be clearly seen. There is no doubt that the technical team of Haciendasbio have learned the protocol and translated it to the available product permissible for organic growth.

Shachar advised Alberto Samperio, R&D Manager at Haciendasbio to increase the bunch count for next season.


The large crop of  ARRA 16 has been very successful at Haciendasbio farm and the past season showed great results. Unfortunately, rain prior to harvest caused some splitting in bottom berries, but fortunately the majority of the crop was successfully picked and packed.


The star variety of the 2018 season at Haciendasbio is definitely ARRA 19. It has great yield, pinkish-red berries, high quality and in addition, it travels very well. These characteristics encourage the technical team for further development.


Haciendasbio made great improvements last season, and the amazing results are true to type of ARRA 30; elongated, crunchy and creamy-coloured grapes, with excellent yield and quality. ARRA 30 have great organic potential with the Haciendasbio technical team’s protocol.


After a few years of evaluating the behaviour of ARRA 32, the Haciendasbio technical team took a great decision; simply to grow the variety without any Plant Growth Regulator and the amazing results confirmed their theory and practically it is a great success.
ARRA 32 at harvest: Brix 18, Acidity <0.4, Maturity Index 45

We would like to thank the entire Haciendasbio team for their great work and continued support of the ARRA programme in Spain.

In case you missed us in Madrid, you can catch up with us in February 2019 at Fruit Logistica, Berlin

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