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J & A Staier Farm, Queensland, Eastern Australia

The results of John Staier’s passion and enthusiasm can clearly be seen in this season’s ARRA 29 and ARRA 30 crops. 


For the first year of production, John Staier decided to grow the first crop with minimum intervention in the bunch development. The results are both amazing and promising. It appears that the Queensland environment has accepted the ARRA 29 with love.

ARRA 29: Just before harvest - a consistent crop load and great colour.


Although the naturally developed bunches on the young vines of ARRA 30 look great and Romeo’s Best general manager, Stephen Dever reports on its great eating quality of sweetness and crunchiness, it is important to mention that next year the unique oblong shape of the variety will show up.

ARRA 30: Just before harvest - sweet, crunchy and simply stunning.



There is not much left to say about the rising star of ARRA 13 which has proved to be a successful variety in the Aussenkehr region.


At present, Grapa is replicating the success of ARRA 14 to other parts of the world as its simplicity and shipping quality make it a good variety for both the grower and the receiver.


The growers in South Africa and Namibia have the experience and knowledge to maximize the benefits of the ARRA 15, a variety which is already well-known by the consumers.


This is the first year of exportation of ARRA 29 from Aussenkehr. We will follow up its arrival to Europe in comparison to Flame from Aussenkehr.


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