This week we look in on an ARRA™ field day recently held in southeastern Australia.

Fruitmaster’s ARRA Field Day

Earlier this month Fruitmaster held an ARRA field day at Precision Vineyards in Merbein, in the Mildura region of southeastern Australia. Precision Farm owner, Mr. Nick Mammone, welcomed participants to view his ARRA 28 and ARRA 29 vineyards.

field day
field day
During the field day, participants toured the impressive ARRA 29 plantation under the guidance of Fruitmaster's agronomist, Mr. Alysson Vieira (far left). Alysson advised on the growing protocols and shared his extensive experience and expertise.


According to Mr Mark Leng, Fruitmaster`s General Manager, “ARRA 29 has great strategic significance for the Australian Table Grape industry from Queensland and down into the  Sunraysia region. Consumers and growers alike will benefit greatly from the introduction of this new variety, the flavour, appearance and returns will far surpass Flame Seedless that has traditionally filled this supply window.”

field day
ARRA 29: pictured approximately two weeks before the field day.

Mr. Mammone is Fruitmaster’s first partner to plant ARRA 29; this variety has incredible fertility, most of the shoots have two bunches. At the time of the field day ARRA 29 was at 5 – 7mm berries size.


At the time, the vines of Precision Farm’s ARRA 28 were only thirteen months old.
During the field day the ARRA 28 was starting the bloom stage, while the Crimson Seedless at the same farm, was already at fruit set. The bud burst of ARRA 28 occurred about six weeks after the Crimson Seedless.

field day

The ARRA 28 has a high fertility, with many shoots with two bunches. Mr. Mammone carried out bunch thinning, leaving only one bunch per shoot.

field day
ARRA 28: High fertility and with no treatment for bunch stretching.

Grapa values and appreciates Alysson’s relentless efforts and contribution to learn and adapt the ARRA varieties to the Australian environment and the Fruitmaster program. We are ever grateful to Mark Leng who’s faith and enthusiasm are continuously leading to the further development of the ARRA varieties in Australia.

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