The Grapa team have returned from a lightning visit to South Africa and Namibia.
With a packed schedule, the team visited ARRA™ growers and joined TopFruit’s ARRA field day. This week we take a look at the TopFruit field day held at Aussenkehr Namibia.


The field day was very well-attended, attracting growers from both South Africa and Namibia. TopFruit arranged for a fleet of buses to transport the participants to visit the farms of Solar Grapes, Frontier Grapes, Namibian Grape Company, Cape Orchard Company and Silverlands Vineyards’ Hillside Farm.


The growers in this region experienced very difficult weather conditions this spring. The unusually low temperatures at bloom caused shot berries in Early Sweet, Prime and ARRA 29. After manual intervention the final results are amazing.

The fourteen-month-old ARRA 29 block which was planted in sprint 2017 with cartonnage plants, produced lovely bunches with beautiful fire-coloured berries.

Pictured below, this first year of commercial production of ARRA 29 is very impressive. The stunning fire colour and great berry size are eye-catching and when you add the amazing eating quality you get the winning early red grape.


After five years of commercial growing in South Africa and Namibia, this variety has come of age with the growers precisely following the protocols and reaching the highest level of professionalism.


The South African Orange River is the home of this variety, especially in the Aussenkehr Valley as it is a rainless region with ideal weather for ARRA 13. It’s fertility and ease of growing make it a winning variety in Aussenkehr.

ARRA 13 at Frontier Grapes
ARRA 13 at Solar Grapes


The first ARRA 30 to be produced in Namibia; these fourteen-month-old vines have not yet reached their full potential, however, growers have seen the great promise of this early white variety that is fertile, sweet, crunchy and with no shot berries.



The hot days and cool nights of the Aussenkehr, together with the cooperative and reliable characteristics of the ARRA 14 make it a famous early black variety along the Aussenkehr Valley.

ARRA 14 at Namibian Grape Company

And finally

A field day wouldn’t be complete without an evening of good food and great company.


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