Labour of Love

This week, we check out the bountiful ARRA 29 harvest at Silverlands Vineyards and present the second instalment of the Grapa team’s recent trip to South Africa and Namibia where the team visited the ARRA™ growers in the Hex River Valley.

The Time is Ripe – for an update from Namibia

Silverland Vineyards

At Silverlands Vineyards, week 48 brings in an abundant harvest of ARRA 29. Hillside (Silverlands) is the first farm in Aussenkehr to start harvesting ARRA 29 on November 16th with beautiful bunches consisting of well-coloured and sized berries.

Hex River Valley Growers

The Grapa team were pleased to have the opportunity to meet up with the ARRA growers in person and were thrilled to see the progress of the ARRA programme in this region. The ARRA team of TopFruit; Arnold Viljoen and Stephan Nel are doing an amazing job of interacting with the growers while providing them with the quality standard and principles of the unique protocol of ARRA 15. The Hex River Valley climate presents ideal conditions for table grape cultivation and the ARRA 29 is doing extremely well.

Cape Orchard Company

South Africa


Needless to say, COC farms as ARRA pioneers continue to keep up the quality and performance of the ARRA 15; the short bunches with excellent natural elongation guarantee the usual top quality.


The Grapa team was delighted to see the ARRA 29 farms in the Hex River doing so well. As the season progressed, the ARRA technical team at Topfruit evaluated the growing protocol that was executed in the Aussenkehr and Orange River a month earlier and drew fast conclusions. In collaboration with the ARRA agronomist in Peru who is experienced in the ARRA 29 protocol, the TopFruit team made speedy modifications and results are amazing; minimal shot berries and uniform loose healthy bunches, pleasing everyone in this remarkable visit to Namibia and South Africa.

A.S. Viljoen Farms

Kleinberg Kriegler Farms

TC Rabie Farms

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