Continuing our journey around the ARRA™ world; This week, we bring you updates from the ARRA programme in the Chiclayo and Ica regions of Peru. 


Sweet Inspiration from North to South

The production fields of Negociacion Agricola Jayanca located in the Chiclayo region of Peru, are brimming with ARRA 15, ARRA 29, ARRA 32 and ARRA 8A-19+4. All the varieties have good development and high fruit production. with good bunch performance, colour and berry size.

Meanwhile, in the Ica region, the great potential of varieties such as ARRA 13, ARRA 15, ARRA 29 and ARRA 30 can be seen in the vineyards of Agricola 3P, Agricola Ispana and Manuelita Frutas Y Hortalizas.

ARRA 8A-19+4
Grapasa agent and agronomist, Karl Conrads, joined hands with the Jayanca technical team and took this marvellous code one step further and developed the protocol, resulting in a berry size of 14 grams, with Brix 18. Crunchy and sweet and ready for harvest in week 50. Needless to say, this impressive variety is a great crowd pleaser. 



Following the success of ARRA 13 in Namibia, it appears that the ARRA 13 is doing very well at Agricola Ispana and they are extending the current plantation of this great cultivar.

ARRA 15 Sweeties

2018 has been the breakthrough year for ARRA 15 when the Grapa team finalized the protocol. Eliminating the rust spot, the latest protocol version produced sweet, crunchy ARRA Sweeties grapes with remarkable quality.

ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire™)

This year, the Grapa teams worldwide gathered together and following Karl Conrads and his team, made the supreme effort to improve the protocol, raising a smile on the face of Gilberto Salazar of Videxport, the largest ARRA grower in Mexico, which produced the finest ARRA 29 in North America this year.

ARRA 29  – Agricola 3P

Agricola 3P is one of the largest ARRA 29 growers in Peru. 3P technical manager, Mr Erick Cabanillas upgraded the protocol together with Grapasa team; Karl and ARRA technical representative, Arsenio Duarez, resulting in a protocol that is an excellent example for other growers to follow. Erick has a lot of faith in the Grapasa technical team and works year-round in order to improve the quality of the ARRA 29 grapes. The close collaboration between Erick and the Grapasa team leads to fabulous grapes

ARRA 30 (ARRA Sugar Drop™)

The new rising star of the early whites is definitely the ARRA 30. Ripening thirty days earlier than ARRA 15, Karl took the Californian protocol one step further, resulting in a longer and larger berry that is both crunchy and sweet.

ARRA 32 (ARRA Mystic Dream™)

It appears that ARRA 32 is the latest ARRA black selection that has the ability to adjust itself to the local environment and to ripen as early as ARRA 15, which gives the option of composite packing.

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