NL # 248 Red Hot Chile

Following the ascent of the rising star ARRA Passion Fire™ in Chile, this week we are visiting recent ARRA 29 field days held in San Felipe and Los Andes and Exser’s internal field day.

Chile Map

Passion Fire Exposure

Held on 15th and 16th January, around seventy growers from different regions of Chile attended this two-day event, organized by Viveros Nueva Vid and Grapasa, which focused on the introduction of ARRA 29, ARRA Passion Fire™ in Chile, first planted in Chile in commercial volume in 2017.

After a welcome introduction given by Jorge Valenzuela, director of Nueva Vid Nursery, Luis Arancibia of Grapasa and Felipe Bonelli of Viticultura and Fruiticultura Asociados, presented to the visitors the different treatments carried out on ARRA 29.

Nueva Vid ARRA 29 Welcome
Jorge welcomes the growers to Nueva Vid's ARRA 29 field day
Treatment results of ARRA 29, presented by Felipe and Luis
Felipe (left) and Luis (right) present the treatment results

First Open Field Day – San Felipe

Agricola La Higuera in San Felipe, hosted the first field day on their farm which has nine hectares planted of commerical ARRA 19 and a test block of ARRA 28, ARRA 29, ARRA 32, and ARRA 15. The purpose of the visit was to show the producers the different treatments that have been carried out in the test block of ARRA 29 in order to determine which is the best protocol to carry on for next season.

ARRA Passion FIre™ in Chile
San Felipe ARRA 29 in the vineyard
ARRA 29 at La Higuera
Participants observe the results of the treatments performed in the ARRA 29 test block at Agricola La Higuera

Second Open Field Day – Los Andes

The second field day was focused on viewing ARRA 29 at real harvest time. Producer Elvio Cabrini, from Ag. Los Alpes, in Los Andes, hosted the visitors in his semi-commercial farm of ARRA 29, of approximately one hectare in its first year of production. Farm manager, Horacio Parra guided the visitors, who saw the fruit within one week of harvest and answered all their technical questions.

ARRA 29 Los Andes Vineyard
Farm manager, Horacio Parra in the ARRA 29 vineyard
ARRA 29 at Los Andes
ARRA 29 at Los Andes
ARRA 29 in First Year Production
The participants were impressed with this first-year production of ARRA 29

Exser Internal Technical Seminar

Last week, Exser held an internal field day at Cabrini, Ag los Alpes for their ARRA growers, which was guided by Karl Conrads. The purpose of this seminar by the Exser group was to update the growers on the ARRA growing protocol and to reach conclusions for next year’s protocol. The results of this event are very encouraging and show that the implementation of Karl’s protocol has proved itself.

ARRA 29 Vineyard at Exser
ARRA 29 Vineyard at Exser
Participants were impressed with the abundant ARRA 29 vineyard.

Our warm thanks and appreciation to the Nueva Vid team, including Jorge and agronomist, Andrea Castro for the time and great effort they invested in organizing the field days. Many thanks to Luis and Felipe for sharing their technical expertise and to all the growers who came from near and far to participate in these important days. Our gratitude to Exser for their continued support of the ARRA programme, including ARRA Passion Fire™ in Chile.

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