This week, we bring you news from the frontlines, with a report on the promising new arrivals to the ARD breeding site in California and review some of the early varieties.

New Kids on the Block

Expectations are running high in California as last year’s crosses arrive to be planted at the ARD site. 

New arrivals; Embryo rescue plants
The vines are planted in high density to allow first selection on economical surfaces.

Great Expectations

The newest embryos of 2018 were delivered this month to the ARD breeding site. The embryo rescue plants look bigger and healthier this year, which is a huge advantage as we can expect to see initial production as early as 2020.

We can't wait to see the results of 2018's crosses

Stepping into Spring

2019 spring looks very promising in California, as it follows an ideal winter which blessed us with heavy rains and cool weather. Bud break is very uniform and high fertility is observed in both new and old ARRA selections. Below are some photos and information of our early varieties.

ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire)

ARRA 29‘s fertility is very high in the ARRA test block and there is 60-70% fertility in the commercial farms of Giumarra Vineyards. This year ARRA 29 is much ahead of Flame, showing signs of fast growing.

ARRA 30 (ARRA Sugar Drop)

ARRA 30 develops its canopy very fast. Although the bunches look smaller at this stage, they become much larger before bloom. 

ARRA 30 grows fast, in parallel to Early Sweet

ARRA 24A-15+3

This promising very early black variety develops shoots and bunches fast along with the other early varieties. We can see at this early stage that the bunches are open and stretched naturally.

New early black ARRA 24A-15+3

ARRA 30A-11+3

After being harvested towards the end of the early season in 2018, this year we have a pleasant surprise as ARRA 30A-11+3 is just behind ARRA 29 and is expected to harvest even earlier in 2019.

ARRA 9A-3+1

Don’t let the slow start of this variety fool you. During verasion it catches up and is harvested as early as Early Sweet.

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