The ARRA™ world never stops turning: This week, updates from Fruit Master Australia; a chance to see the harvests of Fruit Master growers’ Arthur Tsanakaliotis’ impressive second-year production of ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™) and Nick Mammone’s ARRA 28 (ARRA Passion Punch™), both situated in the Mildura region in Victoria, Australia.

Seeing is Believing

Arthur Tsanakaliotis, the owner of Tsanakaliotis Farm, planted his ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™) vines in 2016 and was one of Fruit Master‘s first growers to plant a commercial area of ARRA 15. This season, Arthur is Fruit Master’s biggest ARRA 15 supplier.

Left to right; Arthur Tsanakaliotis, Grapa team and Fruit Master General Manager, Mark Leng

Arthur did a great job with the application of gibberellic acid at bunch stretching at the beginning of the season. At fruit set he trimmed the bunches short as advised by Alysson Vieira, Fruit Master agronomist and the utilization of Grapa`s protocol orientation. As a result, the bunches are loose with long shoulders.

Berry diameter is ranging from 21mm to 24mm and the berries are elongated, many of them with length greater than 40mm.
Total Soluble Solids from 19º to 22º Brix

Due to the large number of bunches per vine, the bunches ripened unevenly and Arthur has done a differentiated and important job selectively harvesting the bunches with higher ºBrix.

Picture perfect ARRA 15
The fruitful ARRA 15 harvest of Tsanakaliotis Farm.
It's in the bag; Fruit Master field representative, Frank Tassone with ARRA Sweeties™

ARRA 28 (ARRA Passion Punch™)

This season the ARRA 28 at Precision Vineyards in Mildura, Australia has proven to be successful to the region with crunchy berries and a great flavour.

Precision Vineyards owner, Nick Mammone, used a low volume of Gibb as sizer and did not use any colour enhancer as advised by Alysson Vieira to achieve this excellent crop. As well as ARRA 28, Nick also has plantations of ARRA 15 and ARRA 29 at Precision Vineyards.

ARRA 28: large, crunchy and flavourful

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