This week, we shine the spotlight on ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29) in Australia and Peru and we share with you some recent updates and events of the ARRA programme in South America. In addition, we have some great news for our Spanish speakers.

ARRA Passion Fire:

From Bud-break to Harvest in the Southern Hemisphere

Breaking through in Peru

ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29), the ARRA™ variety with the second-largest production area in Peru, is off to a promising start this season.

Agricola 3P

Situated in Ica in southern Peru, the ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29) vineyards of Agricola 3P is exemplary for consistently increasing the plantation of ARRA Passion Fire in Peru. Their technical team works in full coordination with the Grapasa team (ARRA varieties agent in South America) which has lead to three successful consecutive crops. Agricola 3P’s achievements with the ARRA varieties has encouraged them to continue extending the plantation.
For the farmers among us, the new development of vertical cane pruning wasn’t suitable in the past as buds didn’t awaken in the lower part of the cane. However, it now appears that in some environments it works very well and can have a significant advantage when buds in the lower section of the cane develop good shoots that can then be cut back. This leads to better future fertility, bunch separation and ultimately better ventilation and uniform colouration. 

ARRA Passion Fire
ARRA Passion Fire

Negociación Agricola Jayanca S.A.

In Lambayeque, northern Peru, Agricola Jayanca’s ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29) production is progressing as expected and the technical team is very happy with its development.

ARRA Passion Fire
ARRA Passion Fire
ARRA Passion Fire
ARRA Passion Fire

Pictured below, the ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29), is ninety days after the application of Dormex and the berries are 16mm in size. The crop is thirty days from harvest. Eng. Litman Culqui Valle and the Jayanca team have been working for years with Karl Conrad and his team. 
In-depth discussions between the ARRA worldwide agronomists have enhanced their knowledge in growing ARRA Passion Fire. These conclusions were then brought back to their regions, thus ensuring the best performance with high fertility and no shot berries, as well as maintaining cost efficiency.  

ARRA Passion Fire
Agricola Jayanca's production team, (on left) Litman Culqui Valle and Moises Sarango Nunez inspect the development of the berries.

All fired up

This year will be the first commercial crop of ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29) at Precision Vineyards, located in the Merbein region of South Victoria, Australia. Nick Mammone was the first of the FruitMaster (one of the two ARRA agents in Australia) growers to plant ARRA Passion Fire. A small section of the plantation, already in its second year of production, has been allocated to test different protocols together with Alysson Vieira, FruitMaster Agronomist. Thanks to Alisson’s vast experience and his conclusions from visiting ARRA Passion Fire vineyards around the world, he can guide the growers at the highest and most professional level benefitting the results to be achieved.

ARRA Passion Fire

The ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29) budburst was very good and uniform and took place at the same time as the Flame Seedless budburst. The vine’s fertility is great and much higher than Flame. Nick pruned only four canes with about 12-14 buds. Most of the shoots have two bunches and some even have three.

ARRA Passion Fire

Revealed in the field

In Brazil in August, two field days were held at Coopexvale farms for growers to see the latest results of the new ARRA selections that have been tested in the challenging Brazilian climate. More than sixty producers and managers from ten ARRA licensed companies attended the days. In future, we encourage international growers from similar climatic regions to actively participate in the evaluation that the ARRA Brazil team is carrying out in Petrolina.

Grapa technical team in Brazil: From left; Russaika Nascimento, Augusto Prado and Amanda Rodrigues Da Silva

Throughout the two days, four selections were presented; ARRA 10A-3+3, ARRA 94B-37+2, ARRA 93B-6+1 and ARRA 94B-35+4. Following the success in growing ARRA 15 in Petrolina, the Brazilian producers are looking for new red variety options which follow the characteristic of the ARRA 15 but in red. The participants were impressed with the results from the third crop of the Coopexvale test block. The selections that attracted the most attention from the growers were ARRA 10A-3+3 and ARRA 93B-6+1.

Since its first crop, selection ARRA 10A-3+3 has stood out for its high fertility and yield, beautiful bunch shape and colour.
​The main attraction of the selection ARRA 93B-6+1 is its special flavour; its acidity balanced with a high brix level averaging 25, results in a very distinctive taste. Impressed producers have already put their orders in for this unique selection.

Still in Brazil

The talk of the vineyard; Selection ARRA 12-7+5

On September 3rd, a field day was held on the farm of Coopexvale grower, Mr Mario Gardenalli, to show ARRA licensees the first harvest of the selection ARRA 12-7+5, whose quality is improving from year to year as growers become familiarized with the variety. The variety has proven to withstand rain, reach good natural colour and good produce arriving at the stores. This is exactly what is needed in Brazil and in any country with similar climate conditions. 12-7+5 is the herald of the red ARRA varieties to be introduced to Brazil. As interest is growing for planting ARRA varieties in different regions worldwide, we are excited to share with you news of this variety that will surely interest readers who share similar growing conditions. .

After undergoing extensive testing, we clearly see the true potential of this promising red variety in Brazil. Selection ARRA 12-7+5’s dark red colour is obtained without the use of Ethepon, thus reducing costs for the producer and answering consumer demands for a reduction in agricultural inputs. With berries that are firm, juicy and sweet with an impressive size of 20-22mm, this variety has attracted everyone’s attention.

To date, there is much interest in the selection ARRA 12-7+5 planted in Brazil.

Grape minds think alike

Throughout June and July, Grapasa held a total of five ARRA technical days in regions III, IV, V and VI in Chile. Attended by more than 270 enthusiastic ARRA producers and advisors, the seminars covered the varieties ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15), ARRA Passion Glow™ (ARRA 19) and ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32), presenting their production protocols, phytosanitary management and the commercial results of the varieties’ harvests.
Each participant was presented with a pendrive containing all the technical information and Grapasa production protocols.

Copiapó Technical Seminar - Region III

Vicuna Technical Seminar (La Serena) - Region IV

At the Vicuna, Ovalle and Los Andes technical seminars, Mr Felipe Bonelli, general manager of Viticulture and Fruticulture Association, announced the results of the various tests carried out in the ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29) test block of Agricola La Higuera.

Ovalle Technical Seminar - Region IV

Los Andes Technical Seminar - Region V

Rancagua Technical Seminar - Region VI

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