Fruit Attraction Madrid

The Grapa team have been on the road again and in this newsletter edition, we share with you the highlights of our recent participation in the Fruit Attraction exhibition in Madrid plus we bring updates from last month’s PMA Fresh Summit Expo, held in California. 

Viva Madrid! Fruit Attraction

We were delighted to present the ARRA™ varieties and selections at this annual, prestigious event. Expanding every year, stakeholders appreciate the relevance of the Fruit Attraction exhibition to the fruit industry, which this year attracted 1,800 exhibitors from 130 countries and saw a record 90,000 visitors passing through its doors.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
The Grapa team were on hand to warmly welcome visitors to the ARRA stand.

Something for everyone

A wide range of the ARRA varieties and selections were presented; stunning ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15) and ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32) grapes fresh from the vineyards of Italy and early season ARRA selections from cold storage as well as fresh, very late varieties and a few Muscat flavour varieties.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
Fruit Attraction Madrid
Fruit Attraction Madrid


Among the many ARRA varieties and selections presented, the very early variety ARRA 33, with its great crunchiness and outstanding flavour, proved to be a real crowd-pleaser.
After 4 months in cold storage, the grapes maintained their smooth skin, with no wrinkles, cracks nor shatter. The growers who had originally seen the ARRA 33 on the vines in California were amazed by such fantastic results.

Here, there and everywhere

At this year’s exhibition, the ARRA varieties displayed a truly international flavour being presented on the stands of our partners; Jupiter Group from England, ARRA growers Fayedex from Egypt, AlfaVita from Spain, Delsassus from Morocco and ASV from South Africa.

Fruit Attraction Madrid

See the bigger picture

During the exhibition, ARRA stakeholders, including among others, teams from Jupiter, Delassus, Giocovelli and Salvi attended presentations delivered by Shachar on the ARRA line from early to late varieties by chronological maturation, thus enabling each team to make an informed choice as to the varieties most suited to their specific region and market.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
Fruit Attraction Madrid
Fruit Attraction Madrid
The high yield, uniformity, berry firmness and size definitely give ARRA Passion Fire its first class quality.

It was ARRA pleasure

The event provided an excellent opportunity for the Grapa team to meet friends and colleagues from around the world to catch up and discuss among other things, issues related to the ARRA programme.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
Pablo's son, Alvaro, checks out the Early Sweet vineyards

Never a dull moment

Throughout the exhibition, we enjoyed a continuous stream of visitors to our stand. As Fresh Plaza noted in their recent photo report on this years Fruit Attraction,  ‘The Grapa Varieties stand was constantly busy with visitors and meetings. One could say they had a very successful exhibition.’ 

Grape news travels fast

As well as in Madrid, the ARRA varieties and selections also gave a very successful showing at the recent PMA Fresh Summit in California.

From left; Giumarra's Mimi-Corsaro-Dorsey, vice president of marketing and ARD & special projects manager, Shauna Rockwell

Presented at the Giumarra Vineyards CorporationARRA selection 30A-11+3 stand, the ARRA selections were popular with the visitors; as the Giumarra team relates, “PMA was a huge success!  We had a steady stream of visitors in our booth with a lot of interest in the ARRA Varieties and our branded packaging. The really stole the show with its size and superb eating quality, and the ARRA selection 10A-3+3 wowed with its wonderful flavour. The ARRA varieties received many positive comments, even a few from our friendly competitors in the California Table Grape Industry. We are excited about all the interest in the ARRA Varieties, and we’re already thinking about 2020!”

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