This week, we report on the recent Early ARRA™ Virtual Field Days and share with you a few of the most promising ARRA selections that were presented. In addition, we bring you the latest buzz on ARRA 30.

On July 29-30, over 500 licensees and participants from countries spanning six continents tuned in to the Early ARRA Virtual Field Days, held consecutively in six different languages, delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek and Italian. Presenting live from Bakersfield, Shachar and Grapa’s R&D Director, Uzi Yaron, introduced the best of the up and coming ARRA selections and presented leading ARRA varieties. In addition, participants had the opportunity to send in their questions which were answered in real-time by Shachar, Uzi and the relevant territorial representative. With our routine lives disrupted by the ongoing pandemic, we were gratified to be able to reach out to our licensees and deliver the field days through this medium.

While we know it is not the same as visiting the vineyards, holding the grapes, tasting their flavour, experiencing their crunchiness and sweetness, judging from the positive response of the participants, the virtual field days proved to be the best alternative and we are looking forward to doing it all again on August 30th and September 1st with the mid and late ARRA Virtual Field Days.

Grape Potential

We are delighted to introduce to our readers a few of the most promising early ARRA selections that were presented during the field days: 

ARRA 7A-40+1

This impressive variety is extremely early, ripening naturally without Dormex, seven to ten days before Flame. ARRA 7A-40+1 is stable, cheap to grow, with very little manual labour necessary. It has very high fertility and colours naturally and uniformly. This simple variety holds well in cold storage and in transit.

ARRA 7A-40+1 bud break takes place later than other early varieties and since the cycle is so short, it ripens at least a week earlier than Flame, making it ideal for growers in regions with spring frost who want an early variety. 

ARRA 88A-8+2

In its first year of production, ARRA 88A-8+2 reaches an incredible berry size with just 2ppm Gibb. The vine is as strong as ARRA 15 with loose bunches and uniform elongated berries.

ARRA 83B-21+2

Ripening at the same time as Sugraone, it is a big advantage to have a very early variety with such a full black colour. ARRA 83B-21+2 reaches high sugar and is easy to grow. This promising variety is already under evaluation in various regions of the world.

With the season well underway in the northern hemisphere, ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30) is certainly making a buzz on Instagram; we are delighted to share with you here the highlights:

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