This week we will take you with us to Emerald, located in the Central Highlands Region and to North Queensland, where the ARRA Varieties harvest has already kicked off. Emerald is the second earliest region to harvest table grapes in Australia.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30)

“ARRA Sugar Drop™ looks great this year and we are proud that they are being supplied to our major retailers here in Australia”. says Mark Leng, CEO of  FruitMaster, ARRA™ Varieties’ territorial representative in Australia. ARRA Sugar Drop™ as seen in the beautiful pictures below was harvested on the 5th of November in FruitMaster’s Farm located in Emerald, Queensland and the crop looks fantastic.

Australia Table Grapes
Freshly harvested ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30).

Mark adds: “We sent a small sample to the Sydney Markets to Michael Simonetta, FruitMaster  Director, for him to be able to have a good look as well as to taste them”.

Australia ARRA 30 at Sidney's Market
Crispy and creamy ARRA Sugar Drop™ at Sidney's Market.

Michael was very happy with the sample he received and he commented: “While the berries were just a little smaller than what we have seen in California, the bunches were clean, the berries were crunchy and the eating attributes were very encouraging”. Michael concludes by saying: “I am very excited about the future years to come as the vines become more developed and we will see the varieties fulfill their full potential”.

From left: Kobus Visser and Chris Karanicolos Emerald`s Farm Manager, proud to present the fruit of their work.

ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)

This 2020’s season is looking very promising for Romeo’s Best as well as one of the territorial representatives for the ARRA™ Varieties in Australia along with FruitMaster. 
The ARRA 15 harvest in A&L Romeo’s farm located in North Queensland, ended last week.
The crop looks great and we are proud of what the team, with the support of Grapa, successfully achieved this season. 

ARRA 15 vines in Emerald look strong and healthy.
Paul Fouche, Farm Manager of Romeo's Best farms in Mareeba and Mutchilba (North Queensland), proudly holding a bunch of ARRA 15.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30)

Romeo’s Best manager, Douw van de Merwe and head of growing, Lindsay Romeo are extremely impressed with the yields and quality of ARRA 30. Romeo’s Best team believes the crispness and the acid and sugar balance of this variety are hard to beat.

ARRA 30 cultivated by Romeo's Best in Emerald, Queensland.

Francesca La Spina, Romeo’s Best EGM is delighted with this year’s crop, saying, “The 2020 season in Emerald has been a blessed one for ARRA Sugar Drop™. This is the best variety to continue with white grapes after our ARRA Sweeties in Mareeba”.

Beautifully packed ARRA Sugar Drop™.

Wurlin Pty Ltd

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30)

John Staier, licensed ARRA producer and owner of Wurlin Pty Ltd is currently harvesting ARRA 30 in its field in Emerald. Some vineyards are in their second year of production and some other in their first year. John says: “We are incredibly impressed with the timing and the Brix of this ARRA 30. The sizing of the berries as a result of following the protocol. Please note that these vines are exactly one year old and have exceeded our expectations in yield.
Beautiful ARRA 30 in its second year of production Wurlyn Pty Ltd's field, Emerald, Queensland.

John concludes by saying: “We are confident that approximately 95% of fruit will be harvested during the first pass through. The eating quality is second to none and we’re excited to continue growing this variety and working with the ARRA team”. 

ARRA 30 in its first year of production in Wurlin Pty Ltd, Emerald, Queensland.

The average annual precipitation in Petrolina is 450 mm, falling between November through to April, with the largest amounts of rainfall in the period January-March. Despite the challenges presented by last week’s heavy rainfall in the Petrolina PE and Juzeiro BA region, reaching 205 mm in only a few days, ARRA 15, once again, has proven its high tolerance to rain and to be very competitive in adverse weather conditions. ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!

ARRA 15 going strong in Petrolina, even after 205 mm of rain in only a few days.
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The event will be held from November 26th to November 28th. Enjoy a small taste of the new generation of the ARRA Varieties that will be presented during the field days.

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