In this edition, we bring you highlights from the ARRA growers from Peru and the ARRA Field Days held in Brazil by our Brazilian Technical Team featuring the new and most promising ARRA Varieties in Brazil including one of the new rising stars ARRA 79B-44+1.

The three main table grape-producing regions in Peru, Ica in the south and Lambayeque and Piura in the north, have sandy soil and available freshwater, presenting the ideal conditions for table grape production. 


ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire™)

Located in the North of Peru, Agricola El Abo’s harvest began on November 18, 2020. In its first season, ARRA 29 produced 3000 boxes per hectare (24.6 tons / Ha), with an average of 17 Brix, uniform bunches, uniform berry size and clean berries.

Photo: left Arsenio Duárez, ARRA Agronomist and right José Alfredo Garcia Checa, Production Engineer from Agrícola EL ABO


ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

Located in Olmos, Lambayeque, Agroexpotacion Puma harvested beautiful ARRA 15 in October, during week 44. The crop had an average Brix of 18,  with clean, shiny and even-sized berries. 

Agroexpotacion Puma's ARRA 15 field in Piura. Its sandy soil and subtropical climate allow the crop to develop during any time of the year.


ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

Agricola Danper Olmos is located in the region of Lambayeque, the northern part of Peru, an area irrigated by the rivers of the Andes and the Amazon. The team at Danper’s this year harvested impressive ARRA 15 with an average Brix of 18 showing good bunch size, uniformity and clean berries.

ARRA 15 harvest at Danper Farm produced approximately 3000 boxes of 8.2 kilos per hectare (24.6 tons / Ha).
The Danper Team with Arsenio Daurez, (ARRA Agronomist).


ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

Agricola 3P has been growing ARRA Varieties since 2015 and the results achieved this season showcase ARRA 15 in uniform bunches, berries with a caliber of 22-24 mm, an average Brix of 17.5 and an undeniably good yield with 3,500 boxes of 8.2 kilos per hectare  (28.7 tons / Ha). 

Agricola 3P ARRA 15 vineyard in the Ica region.


ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire™) & ARRA 30 (ARRA Sugar Drop™)

This beautiful ARRA 29 pictured below is from Manuelita’s filed in Fundo San Jose, in the region of Ica. The region of Ica, situated in the South of Peru is an ideal spot for grapes production.

The estimated harvest of ARRA 29 at Manuelita is 3,000 boxes of 8.2 kilos per hectare (24.6 tons / Ha). This is the first harvest and the vines are 1,5 years old.

Manuelita’s ARRA 29 harvest began on December 7th. The yield looks good and the crop very promising. The average Brix is 17 with a 22-24  berries’ diameter. Brichman Añanguari Gutierrez, Field Manager at Fundo San José, and the Manuelita team, managed to achieve the bright color and firmness that true to the ARRA 29 characteristics. This 2020 harvest seems to be really good so far and the pictures speak for themselves.

Brichman Añanguari Gutierrez, Field Manager at Fundo San José, proud of the results achieved this year with ARRA 29
ARRA Agronomist Arsenio Duarez visiting Manuelita's ARRA 29 field.
ARRA 30 at Manuelita just few weeks away from harvest

Manuelita’s ARRA 30 harvest is estimated to start around December 24, during week  52. The forecast is for 3,500 boxes of 8.2 kilos per hectare (28.7 tons / Ha), Brix is currently at 17 with berries diameter of 22-24 mm. 

A big thank you for the job carried out by the Grapasa Team during this season and a special thank you to Arsenio Duarez, ARRA Agronomist, for his continuous commitment towards the ARRA program in Peru.

The Grapa technical team, Augusto Prado, Russaika Nascimento and Amanda Rodrigues, held a field day in order to present the new promising varieties currently under evaluation in Brazil. Due to the current pandemic situation and a large number of ARRA licensed producers in Brazil, the event was divided into 3 days 26, 27 and 28 of November, during which more than 250 people visited the Coopexvale ARRA test block area, located in Fazenda Prado Agrícola.

Enjoy the short but beautiful video with the highlights of the event!

The event was held in full compliance with Covid-19 rules.

During the field tour, 20 new varieties were introduced to the participants and the growers had the opportunity to taste each one as well as to evaluate them via an online questionnaire that was made available via QR code.

Among all the varieties the 79B-44+1 an early-mid selection with a beautiful, unique, full color stood out since the beginning due to its high fertility, bunch shape and, of course, berry color. The intense ruby red is achieved without the need for coloring products such as ethephon, commonly used in colored varieties. Needless to say that this newcomer delighted every single one of the participants along with its incomparable crispness.

The most loved: 79B-44+1. Meaty and crunchy with large elongated berry, you can not ask for more!

The productive and organoleptic qualities of this selection presented resistance to rain either exposed or covered, the results were the same. The initially estimated productivity was 20 tons per hectare but after harvest, the productivity reached 26 tons per hectare. The ARRA 79B-44+1 selection is currently in an advanced stage of evaluation. Shachar Karniel, the breeder of the ARRA Varieties says: “This selection is definitely the one that stands out above all the others. We already have many producers interested in planting commercially and we couldn’t be happier.”

More stars were shown during the ARRA field day and all the selections showed great performances in the Brazilian climate.
The ARRA Licensed growers enjoyed the new promising ARRA selections and they are really excited about the future.
Thank you to the amazing Grapa Brazil Team, Augusto Amanda and Russaika, that with their passion and professionalism made this event possible and a special thank you to the Coopexvale's Team and Prado Agricola's Team for the success of this ARRA Brazil Field Day.
Last but not least thank you to the 8 event's sponsors who continuously contribute to the development of new varieties in Brazil.

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