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2020 was an unprecedented year in many respects. As a global-facing company, the inability to directly and physically communicate with our world-wide partners was a difficult and unexpected challenge. However, Grapa is proud to have not only pivoted and adjusted to the new reality, but also grown the business throughout all four corners of the globe. Besides accelerating existing partnerships, Grapa is fielding requests from far-flung countries. 2020 is truly proof that no matter the setbacks and extraordinary circumstances, Grapa will continue … Read More

This week, the spotlight is on Chile where the harvest has just begun and ARRA Passion Fire™ and ARRA Sweeties™ are exceeding all expectations. With beautiful crops in South Africa, we will show a sneak peek into the ARRA Passion Fire™, the star of the season that keeps on shining. 

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ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™) was first introduced in RUTA in 2014. Today the variety is planted in different farms under RUTA in the Atacama region. As stated before by Hernan Pulgar, Production Manager at RUTA, compared to old varieties, we have saved a significant amount in labor costs due to the ease of growing this variety.

This season RUTA’s ARRA 15 crop looks fantastic with full bunches and good berry size. The estimated harvest stands at 3,000 boxes of 8.2 kilos per hectare.

Hernan Pulgar, Production Manager at RUTA and the beautiful ARRA 15 from this season's harvest.

Santa Elena Farm is located in the valley of Copiapo, in the Atacama Desert, III Region. Grapes are the main crop and the area enjoys a comparative advantage because, thanks to the sunny climate, fruit ripens earlier than in the rest of the country and reaches northern hemisphere markets first. The ARRA 29 crop at Santa Elena looks fantastic this season.

Left: Guillermo Baez, Grapasa Agronomist and Carlos Bordoli, owner of Santa Elena.

Agricola Rio Grande located in the Ovalle (Region IV), has produced an impressive first-year crop of  ARRA 29  (ARRA Passion Fire™). 

Luciano Campo, the Owner, says “I was surprised with the fruit of ARRA 29, it exceeded my expectations. This is my first year of commercial production and I am delighted by the size, color and bunches of this variety”. Agricola Rio Grande planted ARRA 29 in 2018 and from the pictures, we can see the great results they achieved. 

Luciano Campos inspecting ARRA 29 in Fundo Rio Grande.
Another successful ARRA 29 season can be seen in Agricola Cerro Campanario, located in Monte Patria, Ovalle, (Region IV). The medium size bunch and large, crisp and cherry color berry are true to the type of ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire). Firm and strong berries are the ideal characteristics for long shipping and good post-harvest results.
From left: Jorge Moya, General Manager of Cerro Campanario with Edgardo Zuñiga, Production Manager and Gustavo Ricke, Technical Manager.

Jorge Moya, General Manager at Cerro Campanario, says: “We are very happy with  ARRA 29. This variety allows us to start packing early, it is an easy to manage early red with incredible berry size and beautiful color”. In its second year of production the harvest in Cerro Campanario is due to start and so far judging by the pictures below the future of ARRA 29 in Chile looks only promising.

Jorge Moya inspecting ARRA 29 in Cerro Campanario farm.

Rio Blanco has been growing ARRA Varieties since 2012 and the passion and commitment to producing quality fruit can be seen season after season. ARRA 15 can be admired in all its beauty with its full bunches with large, and clean berries in Rio Blanco farm located in  El Palqui, Ovalle.

ARRA 15 vineyards of Exportadora Rio Blanco. The crop looks impressive!

Alejandro Cortes, field administrator at Exportadora Río Blanco, reports: “We are very happy with the results obtained this season, ARRA 15 is indeed a great variety with high yield and easier to work with than traditional varieties. It has very good raches and very good post-harvest. I am definitely a fan of this variety”.

Rio Blanco's team, from left: Ismael Rodríguez, Field sub administrator, Alejandro Cortes, field administrator, and Juan Carlos Tobar, Agronomist.

Thank you to the ARRA producers that shared their feedback of the varieties with us. A big thank you to the Grapasa team for your dedication that is now allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, especially after the challenges encountered last year.

We wish all the ARRA licensees a good and prosperous 2021 harvest season.

ARRA 29 (ARRA PASSION FIRE™) is performing very well in South Africa. With its intense color (without the aid of Ethephon), berry size and early harvesting period this season the market feedback is great!

ARRA 29 at Buffelskraal Vineyards. Well done to Mr. Schalk Willem Rabie for the outstanding results of this season!

AJ Jansen van Vuuren, Table Grape Technical at TopFruit reports: “Even after 7mm of rain, ARRA 29 in Buffelskraal Vineyards, Western Cape, the grapes remained unscathed. We visited the field the day after and the crop looked spectacular. Harvest is due to start any day now”.

The young vines at AS Viljoen farm are also performing very well, we can clearly see the intense color and beautiful bunches in the below pictures.

ARRA 29 vines at AS Viljoen farm.

We are delighted to present the new ARRA Varieties 2021 Catalogue!
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