This week, we bring good news from vines of the Puglia region of Italy and take a peek at what’s in store for visitors to the Grapa stand at the Fruit Attraction Exhibition in Madrid. In addition, we share with you recent updates on the ARRA programme in Brazil.  

Message from our CEO

Dear Readers,

2020 was an unprecedented year in many respects. As a global-facing company, the inability to directly and physically communicate with our world-wide partners was a difficult and unexpected challenge. However, Grapa is proud to have not only pivoted and adjusted to the new reality, but also grown the business throughout all four corners of the globe. Besides accelerating existing partnerships, Grapa is fielding requests from far-flung countries. 2020 is truly proof that no matter the setbacks and extraordinary circumstances, Grapa will continue to increase the existence of the ARRA varieties in the global market as well as to strengthen the support to all our partners around the world. To maximize our abilities in doing so, we steered our efforts to grow our international team exponentially.

The year 2020 has presented many challenges and uncertainties but, as always, our team worldwide came together and showed determination and perseverance. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel and forcing isolation mandates, the Grapa team still managed to find creative ways to maintain close and intimate support with the growers, holding many technical webinars and local field days, as well as round-the-clock availability for virtual support.

The famous California field days that take place every year in July and August were replaced in 2020 by virtual sessions in 7 different languages which was a great success according to the feedback received. The  on-line session, allowed for triple the amount of guests that we host every year in California to participate.

Over the year, video calls provided a great platform not only for technical matters but to grow our business development, as well as maintain and improve existing relationships. It allowed us to meet with new clients in addition to existing growers and partners in a time where travel was limited. Due to the ease of meeting virtually face to face on a regular basis it allowed for improvements in administrative matters, workflows and greater collaboration with our partners and colleagues.

With the largest agronomist team to date, with more than 20 ARRA agronomists worldwide, allowed for this year to bring even further optimization of the growing guidelines through close collaboration of the international ARRA agronomists, each contributing from their local experience to make the guidelines as encompassing and effective as possible.   

We were excited to have Uzi Yaron join the Grapa team this past April, as the R&D Director. Uzi has brought his rich experience in agriculture and table grape growing, benefitting the Grapa technical team immensely. With significant contribution to the ARRA projects worldwide, Uzi has been very well received by our partners and growers, making his integration seamless.

As the ARRA varieties grow their international presence, there has been more demand now than ever in new regions. Operating in 30 countries, in which in half of them Grapa is pioneering, the ARRA varieties reputation for being adaptable to varying weather conditions and resistance to rain has attracted growers from every corner of the world.

In 2021, Grapa will continue to put all its efforts in improving our working methods, support our partners and bringing the world better and more attractive varieties, with a large selection of unique early varieties and Muscat flavor line. There is much to expect in the coming year as 5 new ARRA varieties will be released for commercialization. Grapa, together with Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, will keep creating quality mass production varieties which are simple and economical to grow as well as special selections of unique flavored varieties.

I would like to thank all our global partners, licensees, territorial agents and nurseries, for your good collaboration and faith in the ARRA program. We work with the best people one can find on this planet and we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to keeping our great partnership with you all.

All the best for 2021, may it be a healthy, prospering and joyful year to us all.

Sincerely yours,
Rafi Karniel

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