In this edition of the Newsletter, we take a closer look at ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32). This succulent, juicy grape is available late in the season.

ARRA Mystic Dream™ ARRA 32
Mainly loved for its berry size, the full color and good eating quality, ARRA Mystic Dream™, is a late, extremely fertile black variety carrying large oval berries, excellent sweetness and juiciness along with a gentle crisp-crunchy texture.

In Italy, ARRA 32 ripens in October where it is successfully grown in Puglia, Southern Italy as well Piemonte, Northern Italy. ARRA 32 is a variety that has a longer growing cycle, as the bunch will continue to grow even once the berries have reached their full black color. Although the color emerges uniform and fully black, the Brix can still be as low as 12/13, therefore, it is still too early to start harvesting considering that the optimal brix level of ARRA 32 is reached at 18/19. 

Puglia, South Italy. ARRA Mystic Dream ARRA 32
Puglia, South Italy.

Watch ARRA 32 in the region of Piemonte, Northern Italy, in this video created by AVI srl.

AVI srl, exclusive ARRA agent in Europe, received great feedback from the market this past season. Carlo Lingua, AVI CEO, reports: “We had great expectations from ARRA Mystic Dream and they all have been fulfilled. The consumer really loves to eat a great black variety when it is of such high quality. ARRA 32 is very productive and easy to grow and if the growing guidelines are followed the results can only be excellent”. 

ARRA Mystic Dream, Piemonte, North Italy
Piemonte, North Italy

In central Chile, ARRA 32 harvest time is close to Autumn Royal, from late February to March. It is a variety of very high productivity (between 3,800-4,000 boxes per hectare of 8.2 kilos) and easy to grow. Presents a large caliber ranging from 24-26mm, has excellent color and good postharvest and it requires very little labor.

Agricola Valle Alto, Elqui Valley, Region IV

Karl Conrads, owner of Grapasa and ARRA Varieties Agent for South America reports: “This year, along with producers from the III, IV, V, VI and Metropolitana regions, we had 20 new growers producing ARRA 32, from the north Copiapo Valley to the south Rancagua and San Fernando areas. The variety shows very good fertility and it is indeed grower-friendly offering a big advantage, especially during this past season where access to manual labor has been very limited”.

Agricola Disa, San Felipe Valley

The adaptability of ARRA Mystic Dream (ARRA 32) to varying climatic conditions has been clearly demonstrated; from the Israeli desert to Chile, North and South Italy, the shape, color and taste of this remarkable variety remains the same.ARRA 32 is performing well in the Southern area of the country, where growers describe the variety as being a huge advantage for all producers as it is extremely fertile, reaching a luscious color naturally and has great resistance to cracks and decay. The bunches are substantial and the berries are very big, it is firm and delicious. A great choice for producers looking for a late black variety.

Moshav Lachish, South Israel

Tali Grapes ARRA producer, Asaf Arad, says about ARRA 32: “Since this variety holds very well on the vine, the growers have the great benefit to harvest very late in Autumn when there are no other grapes in the market. This is certainly a huge advantage of ARRA 32”. 

Moshav Lachish, South Israel
Planted at Giumarra Vineyards Corporation in Bakersfield, California, ARRA 32 ripens very late in the season, making it a great addition to the export market. The variety gained both domestic and international acceptance.

Watch Shachar Karniel, the Breeder of the ARRA Varieties showcasing ARRA 32 in Bakersfield California. The video was shot in August last year during the Virtual ARRA Field Days.

Mimi Corsaro, Vice President Marketing & Director Export Sales at Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, shares her experience in marketing the variety and says: “ARRA Mystic Dream performed very well, especially in the Japanese market this year. The dark color, coupled with its crisp texture and sweet and flavorful, but not overbearing taste, appealed to the local palate, and resulted in repeat orders by one of the country’s largest retailers.”

Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, Bakersfield California

The late black ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32) grape variety has demonstrated signs of success in Australia. This great variety is impressive, with its high yield and full black color achieved without any color agent.

Cavallo Fruit Farm

Cavallo Fruit is located in the region of Sunraysia in the far North-West Victoria and Tony Cavallo, the owner, reports: “This is the first pick of our trial row of ARRA 32. I am extremely happy with the berry size and taste and it has held up well in the weather. The bunches have evenly colored, allowing us to strip them on the first pick”.

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