This week, our Newsletter will focus on the successful developments of the ARRA program in Morocco. Additionally, we report on the latest ARRA Field day held in Brazil organized especially for the newly licensed growers.

Mikhael Levi, Grapa Agent in Morocco reports: “This season, Early Sweet and the ARRA Varieties have shown again very good results in Morocco. From the south in the Taroudant area to Marrakech, the vineyards are looking great and all our growers did a fantastic job and achieved great results”.

Delassus Group

“We are now very confident when it comes to ARRA Varieties. Our earliest red seedless variety is ARRA Passion Fire and our first harvest was made on June 19. This has been the first shipment that we loaded to reach the UK market”, says Mohammed Nafide, Delasuss farm Manager.

The impression from this season has been very positive so far. Mohammed along with his technical team are undoubtedly leading the ARRA project in Delassus to great success. We can see the results of their dedication through the beautiful ARRA Passion Fire™ in their farm in the Marrakech area.  

Full of Passion: ARRA 29

Mr. Nafide continues: “The performances of ARRA Passion Fire are promising, it is a grower-friendly variety, has good productivity, the color is attractive and it tastes great. I would like to add that the support we receive from the Grapa team and related growing guidelines, it is essential in order to achieve great results. A weekly follow-up exchange of photos and recommendations helped us to achieve excellent results. I would like to thank the whole team for their professionalism and commitment”.

Fatiha Charrat, Commercial and Marketing Director at Delassus, outlines: “This season was a successful one and we have big ambitions for the  ARRA grapes and we want to make it a success story. We are extending our farms by transferring fields from clementine to high-quality grapes varieties”. 

Fatiha proud of this season Delasuss' Early Sweet production

Les Vergers du Soleil

Another great season unfolded for Mr. Rafe Shabaily, Managing Director of Les Vergers du Soleil who tells us about this season’s crops of ARRA 29 and ARRA 30: “Both ARRA Passion Fire and ARRA Sugar Drop, are destined for premium programs having established a good reputation over the last couple of years”. Rafe continues: “Quality looks outstanding this year. The yield on the ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire) is similar to last season and ARRA 30 (ARRA Sugar Drop)  seems to have found its place with high-end retailers in the UK in particular. The excellent taste and eating quality have made it a real favorite with the demographic served by these supermarkets.” 

ARRA 29 & ARRA 30

Rafe remarks: “There is a lot of excitement, in particular, about ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire) in Morocco. It’s a variety that is clearly well adapted to the sometimes harsh weather conditions met in Marrakech and the Taroudant region. It colors well without any need for color agents. It is also robust and can be held on the vine at maturity for quite a while offering a lot of market flexibility. The large berry and attractive scarlet red color have created a lot of demand, especially in the northern European regions. I believe that we will continue to see further developments of this variety in Morocco”. 

Kamared Grape Company

Mohamed Dahhak, Product Manager at Kamared Grape Company is very satisfied with this season’s performances of the ARRA Varieties as well as Early Sweet. Mr. Dahhak reports:” Our ARRA 29 developed a beautiful full color, it is crunchy and meaty but above all the flavor is a very special one”.

Mohamed Dahhak, Product Manager at Kamared Grape Company is very satisfied with this season’s performances of the ARRA Varieties as well as Early Sweet. Mr. Dahhak reports:” Our ARRA 29 developed a beautiful full color, it is crunchy and meaty but above all the flavor is a very special one”.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30) freshly harvested

Mr. Dahhak concludes: “More and more citrus farmers are challenged by the low availability of water in the Agadir and Taroudant regions and they are deciding to cultivate grapes instead. Water consumption will be 50% less compared to citrus. I believe we will have a great future with ARRA in the country. The citrus producers were impressed when visiting ARRA plantations”. 

Societe Agricole Guiro

Mikhael Levy, Grapa Agent in Morocco, visited Societe Agricole Guiro farm just prior to harvest and says: “I was impressed by the crop, it looked great”.This season Agricole Guiro, Owned by Mr. Youssef Jebha, who is also the president of Cooperative Zaouia, exported ARRA Passion Fire™ and ARRA Sugar Drop™ to Europe and both the varieties received good feedback. 

ARRA Sugar Drop™ and ARRA Passion Fire™ were well received by Direct Source International in the Netherlands as seen in the below pictures.

Mikhael summarizes this 2021 Moroccan ARRA season: “The weather has been good and kind globally, nevertheless, we faced a few challenges during flowering. As a result, the fertility was a  little down compared to last season, but we are still very happy with the results. Overall the calibration, size of the bunches and coloration have been above expectations,  Morocco proving once again to have all the assets to being a great place to grow grapes. Fruits are mainly cultivated for export to Europe, but we can see an increasing interest from the Sub-Saharian countries”.

Thanks to the great collaboration between the Grapa Technical team and the producers, the results this season have been exceptional and we can only see the future getting even brighter. 

Grapa Varieties regularly receives a high number of requests for licenses to cultivate ARRA varieties from Brazil. Recently, we welcomed 5 newly licensed companies to the ARRA family and we are positive that with their knowledge and expertise they will produce great quality ARRA varieties. In light of the new additions to the ARRA program, last week the Grapa team in Brazil, Augusto Prado, Russaika Nascimento and Amanda Rodriguez, held a field day exclusively for them.

Russaika Nascimento, Amanda Rodriguez and Augusto Prado welcoming the participants.

Russaika reports:” We are very happy with the outcome of the day. It was a great opportunity for the new growers to learn more about the varieties and specifically about ARRA 15. During the event, we examined the different growth stages of the vines as well as explaining the correct growing guidelines. The growers also had the opportunity to taste very sweet ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15) offered by Coana as well as ARRA 34 from Frutos Do Sol. The day was very informative and felt like we were between friends, it was truly a great experience”.

For more pictures of the Brazil Field Day, click here.

We would like to thank the Brazilian team for their continuous dedication to the ARRA program and the newly licensed growers. We truly appreciate the hard work and support shown year after year.

Grapa Varieties Webinar:
ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15) consistency in the supply chain

After the successful session held about ARRA Passion Fire (ARRA 29) back in March, last week, Grapa held another webinar, exclusively for traders and retailers, highlighting the optimal conditions related to exportation, importation and marketing of ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15). The main topic discussed has been how to identify and maintain consistency and appearance as well as the great eating quality of ARRA 15. Stay tuned for more!

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