This week we are delighted to bring you news of the initial harvest of ARRA Sweeties™ and the late ARRA Mystic Dream™ from Greece and Italy.

Greek ARRA Sweeties™ and ARRA Mystic Dream™

Jupiter Group

A couple of weeks ahead of schedule, Jupiter Group is harvesting the late black variety ARRA 32 (ARRA Mystic Dream) from their well-placed vineyards based in northern Greece. ARRA 32 is an extra large and delicious black grape that grows in huge bunches. Naturally sweet with a good hanging ability on the vine, it is also known for its great eating experience.

The large berries hold extreme juiciness and have an excellent balance of sweetness and taste with a Brix level of 18%. ARRA 32 provides a fantastic alternative to the more traditional black varieties such as Autumn Royal.

Big and crunchy this season's ARRA 32 from Greece

Jupiter’s Greek ARRA 15 has been harvesting for the last few weeks and arrivals are now landing with their retail customers. Jupiter has reported that the feedback on arrivals has been superb with the impressive coloration and crispy eating quality of particular interest. Jupiter continues to load their premium white ARRA Sweeties to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and the UK with good volume traveling to Oman and Qatar next week.

ARRA Sweeties from Greece exported by Jupiter under their brand Elara Gold

Jupiter Group’s Head of grapes Damian Sutherland said “We’re delighted that our Greek grape season is now in full swing. The developments and condition of the grapes on farm are exceptional so far this year with our ARRA™ Varieties showing particularly good quality.”

Damian concludes: “ARRA Sweeties™ from our farms have been well received by our retail customers globally and we’re looking forward to our ARRA 32 (ARRA Mystic Dream) packing this week too. The overall quality across all of our planted varieties looks strong and if the weather conditions continue as expected we can look forward to a good season with regards to quality.”

ARRA Sweeties from Greece ready to reach the market

ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)


This 2021 season in Italy was one of the driest recorded in recent years with lack of precipitations across the whole country. However, the ARRA 15 producers in the region of Puglia, southern Italy and Emilia Romagna and Piedmont in the northern areas of the country, obtained good quality fruit. ARRA 15 led to high quality productions in 2021 thanks to the growing guidelines developed by AVI and the Grapa Team, along with the collaboration of the producers themselves. The bunches present crunchy, large and sweet berries with exceptional eating qualities.

As can be seen in the photographs below Azienda Agricola Leonardo Nanna, located in the region of Puglia, in the province of Bari, Southern Italy, have produced a beautiful crop of ARRA 15 this season; crunchy and sweet, with Brix of 20+.

Azienda Agricola Leonardo Nanna ARRA 15
Big and crunchy berries and optimal Brix

Leonardo Nanna, owner of the farm reports: “My farm this year boasts an exceptional production of ARRA 15 in terms of caliber and uniformity, despite a very difficult dry season the harvest began a few days ago with excellent results.”

Leonardo continues: “ARRA 15 has proven once again to be one of the best seedless white grapes on the market at this time of the season. Excellent productivity and reliability over the years make it one of the most profitable varieties for me.”

Leonardo Nanna in a ARRA 15 vineyards with his beautiful twins

Two years have passed since the last traditional edition of Macfrut but this year the exhibition was finally held live giving the chance to Italians as well as European professionals to meet face to face.

AVI, exclusive European agent for ARRA grapes, participated representing the ARRA varieties at the exhibition in Rimini, Italy giving the opportunity for the visitors to taste them.

The AVI’s team reports: “For us it is important to always be at the forefront during an event like MacFruit that has always enhanced innovation in the agri-food sector. Despite the lower than usual turnout at the fair, the ARRA Varieties were a success. ARRA Sugar Drop™, ARRA Honey Pop™ and ARRA YUM!BO™ were appreciated by numerous producers as well as retailers. Among the most important meetings, AVI met licensed producers such as Lilla & Giuliani, OP Giuliano, Barbera, producers of Pavone Vineyards as well as managers of some of the largest Italian retail chains such as Coop Italia”.

The AVI Team attending meetings at their stand

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