This week the highlight is on Chile, where the ARRA harvest is in full swing. We will be reporting on the ARRA Field Day where ARRA Honey Pop™ was introduced to the Chilean growers.

For the first time, ARRA Honey Pop™ grapes were introduced to the Chilean producers and the comments received were very positive. The Grapasa Team, ARRA Agent in South America, with the great support of Nuevavid Nursery held a field day in Chile focusing on this very early variety. The event took place last week in Rengo, region VI, approximately 120 km south of Santiago. Despite the restrictions still in place due to Covid-19, the growers were divided into groups and managed to attend and enjoy the event.

ARRA Honey Pop grapes at Nuevavid Nursery
ARRA Honey Pop, whose harvest is 10 days before Flame Seedless in the southern areas of Chile, is becoming popular amongst the growers for its great characteristics: crispness, flavor, very good size (22 to 26 mm), good rachis, and very good post-harvest performances.
Right picture: Karl showing ARRA Honey Pop to the participants

Karl Conrads, Grapasa CEO and ARRA Agent in South America says: “We believe that ARRA Honey Pop is a very good choice for the growers due to its early harvest time. Chilean growers are greatly affected by the drought, so the ability to achieve very good quality grapes, using 50% less water compared to late varieties is a considerable advantage”. Karl concludes: “In addition, this variety offers the growers the option to start their season earlier and therefore able to compete with late varieties from earlier areas, such as those from northern Chile or Peru”.

The Grapasa and Nuevavid Teams with the ARRA growers that attended the field day
This season the ARRA Varieties in Chile have reached their full potential. With strong and vigorous vineyards, now in their 3rd and 4th year of commercial production the results achieved fulfilled all expectations. Moreover, despite the challenging weather conditions, bringing frost and drought in certain areas of the country, the ARRA™ Varieties showed their great adaptability to harsh climate changes.

Compania Agricola El Alamo de Naicura Dos Ltda.

Sergio Urzua, Field Manager of Agricola El Alamo de Naicura Dos, reports:” This is our second year of commercial production of ARRA Passion Fire. The berries reached a very good diameter between 25-27 mm. The fruit is crunchy with a good and meaty flesh”.
Located in the South of Santiago close to Quinta de Tilcoco, Agricola El Alamo de Naicura Dos is one week away from harvesting ARRA Passion Fire™.

Luis Arancibia, ARRA Agronomist happy with ARRA Passion Fire™

Sociedad Agrícola Cerro Campanario SpA

Despite the challenges that Cerro Campanario faceed due to the drought, they managed to obtain excellent quality with the ARRA Passion Fire grapes. The farm is located in an area with water scarcity and for the past 13 years growers had to overcome this problem. Cerro Campanario is Located in Ovalle, region IV and they are currently harvesting a very good batch of ARRA Passion Fire grapes, as we can see from the pictures below.
Left: Jorge Valenzuela Director of Nuevavid Nursery and president of Fedefruta, right: Juan Henrique Prohens, Cerro Campanario Agricultural General Manager

Agricola Frontera Limitada

Agricola Frontera is located in San Felipe, region V and farm owner Luis Luraschi and Pia Marin, Field Manager are enjoying the fruit of their work and dedication. The ARRA Sweeties™ grapes looks excellent. The ARRA Sweeties produced in this area show the greatest potential of this variety where quality and productivity are undeniably good. Pia Marin, thanks to her high technical knowledge, continues to achieve high-quality ARRA Sweeties, season after season.
Karl Conrads, Pía Marín from Agricola Frontera and María Eliana Méndez, ARRA Agronomist

Inversiones del Pacífico Ltda. (Dole)

Nicolas Vargas, Field Manager of Inversiones del Pacífico (Dole), is happy to share with us: “This season our ARRA Passion Fire shows a very good size of 24-27 mm. The berries have good firmness and great bunch sizes. This season we estimate to produce 3,500 to 4,000 boxes (8.2Kg) per hectare”.
Nicolas Vargas proudly showing his beautiful ARRA Passion Fire

Agricola Campos Sudamericanos Ltda.

Pablo Johow, Managing Partner at Agricola Campos Sudamericanos is satisfied with this season ARRA Passion Fire harvest and says: “Despite the crop having suffered from frost at the beginning of spring, we managed to have a good season with a production of 3,200 boxes per hectare (8.2 Kg) of ARRA Passion Fire and of very good quality”.

Campos Sudamericanos ARRA Passion Fire™ just prior harvest

RIO Blanco

Fundo San Antonio, located in El Plqui, IV region, stands out for its high-quality operations and consecutive success of their ARRA Sweeties each year. The high technical knowledge of the Rio Blanco team is seen in the finished product: premium quality ARRA Sweeties.
ARRA Sweeties™ harvested by Rio Blanco

Aguirre y Aguirre Limitada

“We are very satisfied with our third harvest of ARRA Sweeties. The fruit has a very good size and the harvest went very well. Year after year the yield is improving and the future looks promising.” This is how, Mario Patricio Aguirre, CEO of Aguirre y Aguirre together with Juan Aguirre, Partner of the company describe their personal experience with ARRA Sweeties™.
Mario Patricio Aguirre and Juan Aguirre happy with this ARRA season's harvest
ARRA Sweeties™ produced by Aguirre y Aguirre

We would like to send hearty thanks to the Grapasa and Nuevavid teams for kindly hosting the latest field day and for their continued support of the ARRA program in Chile and we wish all our Chilean growers a great ARRA harvest season and we thank them for the beautiful pictures and updates.  

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