In this edition we are glad to share the latest news from the ARRA™ World.
Moreover, we are thrilled about the upcoming ARRA Field Days that will take place at the ARRA Breeding site in Bakersfield, California both in July and August. Below is the schedule of our special 3-day July event.

The Mid to Late ARRA Varieties Field Days will take place on 22-23 August

ARRA Sweeties just before harvest

What makes ARRA Sweeties™ a very versatile and grower friendly variety? Grapa R&D Director, Uzi Yaron, wants to share with you how the growers can plan the harvest time of ARRA Sweeties™ by choosing the vine’s pruning time.

In the video, recorded in Uzi’s farm, located in the south of Israel, we can hear Uzi explaining about the early pruning that was done in early January, compared to a  late pruning that was carried out during the first week of April. The early pruning resulted in the harvest time in early August, while the late pruning stretches the harvest of ARRA Sweeties up to the beginning of October.    

Southern Hemisphere producers of the ARRA Breeding programme varieties of table grapes have done well to deliver to world markets this past season, say the technical managers of Grapa. This is despite several challenges during the table grape seasons for South Africa, Namibia, Peru and Chile.

Left: AJ Jansen van Vuuren (Topfruit, South Africa) Karl Conrads (Grapasa, Chile)

The challenges included the “shipping fiasco” from South African ports, the shipping delays, cost increases as well as inclement weather, say AJ Jansen van Vuuren, the table grape manager at Topfruit in South Africa and Namibia and  Karl Conrads, the owner of Grapasa in South America. Both Topfruit and Grapasa are the exclusive territorial agents for the commercialization of the ARRA™ varieties and Early Sweet™.

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The Grapa team, Rafi Karniel, Chairman of the Board at Grapa, Alexandra Sapir, Legal Affairs Director and Emma Toledano, IP Manager, attended the CIOPORA AGM held between April 25th and April 27th in Cologne, Germany. 
CIOPORA is an international breeders’ association created for the improvement, development and harmonization of IP protection for Plant Breeders worldwide.

As part of her role as Chair of the CIOPORA’ Enforcement Working Group, Alexandra led a successful session meeting to further improve and develop the tools available for the enforcement of IP rights.

Left pic: Rafi Karniel (left) and Alexandra Sapir (right)

The Grapa Team was delighted to attend the CIOPORA AGM and to further examine and discuss breeders’ IP Protection with the key players  in the industry.

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