The Grapa team have been on the road again and in this newsletter edition, we share with you the highlights of our recent participation in the Fruit Attraction exhibition in Madrid, including pictures of the star ARRA™ varieties that were presented at the fair.

Uzi Yaron, Grapa R&D Director and Nomi Karniel-Padan, Grapa Commercial Director joined the Grape Attraction Forum, on October 4th, where many other professionals and industry experts discussed their views on the industry’s current developments and trends.
Grape Attraction is an annual event held since 2010 and organized by APOEXPA, (Asociación de Productores-Exportadores de Frutas, Uva de Mesa y Otros Productos Agrarios).  

Uzi gave the attendees some important insight on the strengths of the ARRA Breeding Programme. Among the topics discussed, Uzi highlighted the efforts involved in the development and improvement of the parental lines during the breeding process as well as the importance of the varieties’ ability to adapt to different climate zones and unpredictable climate changes, all whilst withstanding sudden and harsh weather challenges.  

Uzi at the Grape Attraction Forum

Uzi says: “Grapa understands no markets are alike and not all growing regions are the same. This is why the ARRA Breeding Programme takes into consideration these differences and is constantly aiming to provide growers with varieties that will be cost-effective and that will satisfy the consumer preferences”.

Nomi, third from the left, attending the Grape Attraction Forum

During the forum the word “consistency” was repeatedly emphasized and Nomi comments in regard was: “The introduction of new and improved table grape varieties must indeed satisfy the consumer, but to truly succeed commercially they must work for the whole chain: the producer, the receiver, and the retailer. Providing varieties to the growers that can withstand the current and unpredictable worldwide climate and weather challenges, allows a consistent supply of quality grapes. “Nomi concludes: The producers are the main players in this game as they are the ones that ultimately fulfill the consumer demand”.

The 14th edition of Fruit Attraction took place on October 4-6. During these 3 days at this annual, prestigious event, we were delighted to present the new generation of ARRA™ varieties along with the already well known and firmly established commercial varieties. Expanding every year,  this exhibition is evermore relevant to the fruit industry. This year it attracted 1,800 exhibiting companies from 55 countries and saw a record high number of visitors passing through its doors. 

The Grapa booth, run jointly with AVI, Grapa’s territorial representative in Europe, was busier than ever and Nomi reports: “This year I can say that Covid is finally behind us. We have been extremely busy throughout the 3 days,  holding meetings and attending to visitors coming to our stand. The ARRA Varieties displayed received great feedback”.

Among the different varieties presented, the team was pleased to showcase the well established ARRA Sweeties™ from Greece and Italy.

ARRA Sweeties from Italy (left ) and Greece (right)
The stunning ARD 36 and ARRA Yum!bo from Brazil proudly held by the Agrivale team

ARRA Yum!bo and the newly released ARD 36 from Brazil looked and tasted great, receiving high interest from the visitors. 

Alongside the fresh mid-late season ARD 36 from Brazil, the team was proud to present the variety, shipped from California, after 2 months in cold storage. The berries were still very crunchy and fresh, proving, once again, the good shelf life of this variety. No doubt, this is a significant new addition to the ARRA Varieties Programme.

ARD 36 from California and Brazil

Show Stopper at Fruit Attraction: ARD 36

ARD 36, due to its striking, shiny cherry colour and elongated berry, was definitely the outstanding eye catcher. Once the visitors had a chance to taste it, the crunchiness and great eating quality created a truly exceptional experience.   
Thanks to its rain resistance, it is showing great results in Brazil and the samples shipped to Fruit Attraction arrived in optimal conditions.

Augusto Prado, President of Grapa Brazil says about ARD 36: “The São Francisco Valley has been looking for a rain resistant red grape for a long time. We now have just started producing ARD 36 which will enchant and conquer the entire market. Flavor, coloring and crunchiness are simply excellent!”

ARD 36 grown in Brazil

Joining Augusto comment, Nami Ando, Production Manager at Agrivale says: “We needed a red grape variety, and with ARD 36 we found the characteristics we were looking for: productivity, sweetness, crunchiness and it’s beautiful!”.

Wendel Ramon Barbosa Machado, General Operations Manager at Agrivale: “It’s an amazingly beautiful fruit, due to its coloring, its elongated berries and it doesn’t show any shatter problem in the packaging. In addition to the differentiated flavor, the balance between the high brix and the acidity, makes you want to eat more and more”.

Estacio Cohim, Coopexvale grower of Ibatuba Farm: “A delightful variety in its appearance and taste, with excellent fertility and production potential”.

Marcio Amorim, Local Market Sales Manager at Coopexvale: “ARD 36 has a beautiful intense color and elongated berries, it is crunchy with a striking flavour. This is undoubtedly the red grape with the most growth potential in the Brazilian market.”

To summarizes the event Nomi says: “Fruit Attraction is a great platform for international expansion and promotion, but beyond this it is also a great center to gather and exchange knowledge of the fresh produce sector. We are indeed pleased with this year’s outcome and are looking forward to meeting everybody again soon at Fruit Logistica Bangkok or in February in Berlin”.

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