This week, we bring you updates on Early Sweet™ and ARRA™ production at various stages of growth from different farms around the globe.


ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)

In Kavala, as part of Jupiter Group‘s project in Greece, led by regional procurement manager, Dimitris Theodorou, the season is off to a very promising start for this variety. The strong and healthy vines of ARRA 15 are producing extremely large, strong bunches. The bunch stretching was carried out on time and the right amount of bunch exposure is visible due to correct bunch de-leafing.

ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32)

The third crop of ARRA Mystic Dream looks promising as vines and crops look very strong and healthy. Due to high productivity and large bunch size, the bunches are candidates for heavy trimming and selection.

The mild spring weather invigorates the new ARRA plantations in Kavala, which will be growing to the final stage of production by the end of this year.


ARRA Sweeties™ at Romeo's Best

With the professional expertise of our Brazilian Grapa agronomists, ARRA Sweeties is adapting to the Northeast Queensland tropical climate. Under the management and monitoring of Lindsay and Tony Romeo, owners of Romeo’s Best, the crop appears to be starting well and we at Grapa continue to support our growers in the tasks ahead.

Off to a good start; ARRA Sweeties on Romeo's Best farm


ARRA varieties start taking off in Israel

Israeli ARRA growers, guided by Grapa R&D Director, Uzi Yaron, are responding very well to the ARRA protocols and the results look promising at this stage.

Second crop of ARRA Sugar Drop; with the application of Gibb with the Martignani Electrostatic machine, the berry growth is good.

ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29)

ARRA Passion Fire in its first year of production, the grower has consistently followed the guidelines. Focusing on the urea applications prior to bloom, during bloom and at 110% bloom, the shot berries have already disappeared in this early stage. The pictures below were taken at the first kicker application.

Growers who follow our international guidelines benefit from smooth and easy growing cycles.


Les Vergers du Soleil

Rafe Shabaily, over many years of cultivating Early Sweet, has developed a unique relationship with the Grapa team, producing excellent quality Early Sweet, ARRA Passion Fire and ARRA Sugar Drop. In spite of the recent lockdown of workers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Rafe and his loyal team succeeded to produce high-quality grapes.

ARRA Passion Fire

Early Sweet

Early Sweet; as best as can be

ARRA Sugar Drop

Les Vergers du Soleil’s promising crop of ARRA Sugar Drop is already showing its great shape and fertility.

Elite Harvest Maroc (EHM)

Located in the area of Marrakech, the table grape programme on EHM’s farm is overseen by farm manager Miloud Ezzyany who has many years experience in grape production. The fruits of his expertise can be seen in the wonderful crop of ARRA Sweeties pictured below.

ARRA Sweeties

ARRA Passion Glow™ (ARRA 19)

Cultivated in the Marrakesh area, a semi-desert oasis, the ARRA Passion Glow is a high chilling variety which grows very well in this Mediterranean climate and thanks to Miloud’s guidance is showing its full potential on trial at EHM farms, as can be seen below.

ARRA Passion Glow; it's looking good

ARRA Passion Fire

The first-year production of ARRA Passion Fire achieved top-quality grapes and uniform bunches. As pictured below, the initial colouring looks very promising. There is no doubt that this is a great achievement for the first year.


ARD (Agriculture & Research Development)

As well as breeding new ARRA varieties, ARD LLC grows and tests its varieties in semi-commercial environments in order to present to the growers the full package of a new variety with its own specific growing guidelines. Below are pictured some of our popular varieties in their early stages.

ARRA Passion Fire

ARRA Sugar Drop

2020 ARRA field days update

Just a reminder: due to the current pandemic, it is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of the July and August  ARRA field days in California this year. While we will not be able to meet in person, we are adapting to the new situation to deliver to you the latest innovations and developments from the ARRA breeding programme. In the meantime, keep safe and healthy!

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ARRA Passion Fire™

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