This week, it is very fitting that we mark the 300th edition of the Grapa Newsletter by featuring the seminal variety of the ARRA breeding programme, ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15), reporting on its harvests in Ecuador, Greece and Israel, Also, we update on an ARRA 32 harvest which started in week 38 in Israel. 

We've come a long way!

In April, 2014, the very first Grapa Newsletter was published. Looking back since this first edition, we are thrilled to see just how far we’ve come. In 2014, ARRA and Early Sweet varieties were growing in 15 countries. Today, just 7 years later we are growing in 26 countries worldwide.


ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)

AGRINDZAP Agricola Industria Sapotillo Cia. Ltd.

In its first year of commercial production, the ARRA 15 vineyard of Ecuadorian company, Agrindzap, has produced a very satisfactory first crop of fruit. As Agrindzap Director, Juan Eduardo Burnea relates, «Something very positive that we have been able to observe in this variety is its great fertility that conventional varieties do not have. Thanks to the great work of our entire team, we are getting good fruit this year and we hope to refine some details so that next year will be even better.»

ARRA 15 vineyard with white paper bags
The white paper bags protect the ARRA 15 bunches from the sun


ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)

The ARRA 15 season has got off to a great start in Greece this year. Jupiter Group, the master license holder for ARRA™ Varieties in Greece report that the ARRA growers have made a good effort in following the protocols and the results can clearly be seen in the photographs below.

ARRA 15 vineyard in Greece

Jupiter’s New Varieties Development Manager, John Ferguson, comments on the season so far, «This year’s ARRA 15 looks to be the best ever. With vines now from one to three years old we are seeing more mature vineyards with great quality of fruit with amazing flavours.»

ARRA 15 and calibers
ARRA 15 packaged

George Tsipizidis Farm

Vice President of Simvolo, George Tsipizidis, has produced a beautiful third-year crop of ARRA 15.

ARRA 15 on the farm.

Aggelos Stogiannis Farm

In the third year of production, the ARRA 15 vineyards of Simvolo co-op council member, Aggelos Stogiannis, have produced beautiful, clean berries.

ARRA 15 in Greece
ARRA 15 and the Jupiter Team
Jupiter team, from left: Damian Sutherland - Grape Procurement Manager, Penny Ziazia - Jupiter Technical and QC, Dimitri Theodorou - Greek Manager, John Ferguson - New varieties Development Manager


ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15)

In Israel, ARRA 15 is in the first and second year of production. This season most of the growers started harvesting in week 36 and until now approximately 30% of the fruit has been harvested. This year, while other varieties suffered a lot from cracking, ARRA 15 remained free from cracks, demonstrating this variety’s tolerance to cracking with the crops showing good quality.

ARRA 15 Tali grapes

ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32)

Beginning in week 38, Israeli grower, Asaf Arad’s ARRA 32 harvest has got off to a great start with berries that are huge (25-26mm), meaty and firm.

Take a tour of the ARRA 32 vineyard!

This year, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Macfruit, the international fresh produce exhibition, went digital with a virtual trade fair which took place on 8-10 September. Our European agent, AVI srl was ‘present’ with a Virtual Stand showcasing the ARRA varieties. This interactive platform gave AVI the opportunity to connect via live streaming and reach new producers and international markets.

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