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#340: Let’s talk about ARRA™

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In this edition of the Newsletter we share the latest news from the ARRA™ world.

Chinese Market                                             

ARRA Mystic Dream™ from Chile, produced by Enrique Santelices and exported by Exportadora Fruta Austral, arrived last week to Shanghai. The fruit, that was harvested at the beginning of March reached its destination in excellent condition and received very good feedback.

With green rachis and a perfect bloom, ARRA Mystic Dream has a gentle crisp texture and is very juicy, with good levels of sweetness.

ARRA Mystic Dream on arrival in Shanghai
ARRA Mystic Dream harvest in Enrique Santelices farm

According to Decofruit, a company specializing in providing market information and intelligence services, during the month of February, reported an increase in arrivals and openings of most varietal groups of table grapes in the Chinese markets. Furthermore, the first arrivals of the season, from Chile, appeared in the Chinese markets, during week 6 which included ARRA Sweeties™ and ARRA Passion Fire™. Read the full article here.

The Global Grape Congress was live on March 17 and it brought together key players in the fresh table grape category that connected and shared their experience and expertise. Through talks, interviews and discussions the participants shared the latest developments in the business, including the development of new varieties, new technologies and new markets.

Shachal Karniel, ARRA Varieties Breeder, joined as a speaker during the panel session »Future of Grapes». Shachar shared with the audience the great advantage of the ARRA Varieties of being rain tolerant as well as their capabilities to adapt to the ever changing weather conditions.

During the Global Grape Congress, we were thrilled to launch our new ARRA corporate video, produced in collaboration with Lucentlands.

Do not miss the opportunity to see and taste the very early and early ARRA Varieties selections.
We will be happy to finally meet you all in person!

The ARRA Breeding Programme stands out for its early varieties. Among the new, very early and early white and red selections, a promising black, is showing very good results. This very early black variety is currently under evaluation in various regions of the world. It ripens at the same time as ARRA Sugar Drop™, reaches high sugar levels and is easy to grow. It is sweet and crunchy with a natural dark black color and high yield.
Very early black ARRA new selection that will be showcased in July during the Early ARRA Field Days

Click below to listen what Uzi Yaron, Grapa R&D Director, has to say about this new very early black selection in California. The video was recorded few days ago.

Along with the very early black selection, during the Early ARRA Field Days in July, we will showcase a new very early red variety. Bearing extreme crunch, sweetness and fertility, it ripens at the same time as Early Sweet™. Those that had the opportunity to taste this very early red were simply amazed by the superb eating quality.
New very early red ARRA selection that will be showcased in July at the ARRA Field Days

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