Uzi Yaron, Grapa R&D Director presents the new generation of
ARRA Varieties: ARD 35, ARD 39 & ARD 36.
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Grapa Varieties is glad to welcome Andre Vermaak as a new official member of the team. Andre will support the ARRA producers around the world in his role as Global Tech Support. Andre Vermaak started his career in the fresh produce industry back in 1984 as a table grape producer in Paarl ,Western Cape ,South Africa.

In 2000, Andre moved to Namibia where he managed and developed several new table grape farms in the Aussenkehr area.  
Andre indeed played a pioneering role in the Namibian scene of new cultivar developments, bringing to the country his expertise and setting the Namibian table grape industry to a new level as well as adding to it a professional identity.

Andre tells us: «My mentor and teacher in my career was the late JD Kirsten, a well known table grape producer in the industry. To him I owe a big part of  my knowledge and today I am happy to officially join the ARRA Family.
It is a privilege to join forces with Grapa and for me to be able to add some value to growers and the industry around the world. Grapa as a company, has high integrity values and the ARRA Breeding Program has a strong future ahead». 

Andre concludes: The ARRA Varieties are special: they are easy to grow. have a high yield and they carry unique characteristics that would benefit any producer. Moreover, the new released ARRA Varieties have great crunchiness and a very special taste».

We would like to share with our readers the ARRA Varieties 
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