ARRA Passion Fire™

ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire™) is an early red seedless variety with exceptional eating quality.

It has large, crisp berries and a medium sized bunch. Ripening at the same time as Flame, it is considered the best Flame replacement. This season, the Southern Hemisphere is truly showing us all the full potential of ARRA Passion Fire. The older the ARRA 29 vine is, the higher the quality and performance level becomes. The crispiness increases as the Brix levels rise. This allows the growers to quickly understand that waiting for sugar levels of 19-21 Brix, will develop great eating and tasting qualities that will also have an excellent shelf life and arrive well to the market.

With a fiery red skin and lusciously unique taste, no flame can hold a candle to the Passion Fire’s size, flavor and exceptional shelf life.

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"Our very first harvest of Passion Fire is for May. Our customers are excited to get it and benchmark with other red varieties. We feel confident and proud." - Fatiha Charrat, Commercial & Marketing Director, Delassus Group, Morocco
"I was surprised with the fruit of ARRA 29; it exceeded my expectations. This is my first year of commercial production and I am delighted by the size, color and bunches of this variety." - Luciano Campo, Agricola Rio Grande, Chile
"We are very happy with ARRA 29. This variety allows us to start packing early, it is an easy to manage early red with incredible berry size and beautiful color." - Jorge Moya, General Manager, Cerro Campanario, Chile
"We are really happy with our ARRA 29 this season in Copiapo." - Marcos Pesenti, Ownder, Agricola Pesenti, Chile
"I am very happy with my ARRA 29 this season. I will export approximately 65,000 boxes (8.2 kilos)." - Alejandro Izquierdo, Owner, Agricola El Calvario, Chile
"Its impressive shelf life, colour and berry size are outstanding, and it will open the Southern African season in the overseas market with a bang." - Arnold Viljoen, Agronomist, Topfruit, South Africa
The ARRA Passion Fire looks absolutely amazing; good berry size and a very appealing, vibrant red. - Rafe Shabaily, Managing Director, Les Vergers du Soleil, Morocco

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