This week, for the purpose of improving the performance of the vines and opening a window to organic cultivation, we would like to share with the ARRA growers our European technical team’s experience with a unique product, ABOMIN. In addition, we update you on this year’s anticipated ARRA field days.

Dottorio Maurizio Simone, owner of Doctor Farmer srl, the agronomic partner of AVI srl, kindly shared his experience on the effect and benefits of ABOMIN on the ARRA varieties. ABOMIN is a 100% natural product used for fertilization and nutrition of fruit and vegetables grown in greenhouses or open fields. It is derived from intrusive volanic rock from South America and contains an array of micro and trace elements and basic macro elements. Maurizio reports, “This year, after a warm winter and cold spring, the vines would normally reach “Spring Fever”, however, with the addition of ABOMIN, we have seen a greener and more homogenic bud break. This is because at post-harvest the plants received the trace and micro elements in the wood during wood veraision.” 

ARRA 15 in the peak of the spring fever; the short shoots and yellow leaves highlight the inactivity in growth
ARRA 15 received ABOMIN, shoot tips turn greenish and tendrils grow rapidly.
ARRA 15 with ABOMIN and no chemical treatment; clearly seen are the shoots' strength and length of tendrils.

Maurizio continues to explain, “Eleven years after our first ARRA 15 plantation was tested, we encouraged our producers in the natural management of vines and fields. We had seen in the past, the great agronomic mistake of trying to solve physiological problems by applying one or more of the following elements; nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. However, vines thrive best when they receive all the elements and not only these elements in the right synergy. Many times, farmers used nitrogen and calcium thinking that this way they could increase berry size and vigor, but instead they created vines which were more sensitive which leads to disorders and diseases.” 

ARRA 30 without ABOMIN is struggling to gain in growth. Although no 'spring fever' is evident, there is slight yellowing.
ARRA 30 with ABOMIN application; shows fast development, uniformity and canopy size. The bunch length is much better than vines with chemical treatment and no ABOMIN application at this stage.

Ten years ago, Andreas Storti, Worldwide Director of Abomin SP sl. (subsidiary Nitron Group), reported on the importance of the availability of the high number of micro, trace and sub-trace elements and basic macro elements contained in the ABOMIN product and how these essential natural elements with a perfect synergy can help the plants to grow constantly without any weakness or deficiency. Meeting all the plants nutritional needs and adding only natural organic substances without the use of chemical additives, the addition of ABOMIN produces greener, stronger and more fertile and stable vines than ever.

ARRA 30 leaves comparison: Left leaf treated with nitrate, magnesium and other chemicals. Right leaf treated with ABOMIN only.
ARRA 15 with ABOMIN application; clearly seen are the shoots' strength, bunches and tendrils' length grown uniformly.
ARRA 32: The picture requires no explanation to describe the healthy look of the vine. ARRA 32, as a late variety, usually starts slowly with non-uniformity but catches up later in the season. Here we can see the effect of ABOMIN on the greenish colour of the canopy, the leaves and shoots uniformity and healthiness.
ARRA 30 at its best after a tough winter, with the help of ABOMIN the uniformity and strength is very impressive.

With application of ABOMIN on various ARRA varieties, the following effects are noted:

In 2020, we will test the direct influence of ABOMIN on ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30) in increasing the rachis stringency of the stem before harvest and cold storage. 

For Maurizio’s report on ARRA Sugar Drop with ABOMIN application, see video.

The fundamental part of ABOMIN when it is applied according to the protocol, is that it allows you to avoid all the chemical nutrition in the soil that the growers used to apply, resulting in no more salt as ammonium, nitrate, sulphate, phosphate and urea. Additional helpful products are algae, amino acids, humic acids and microorganisms. In this way the soil fertility and vine balance improve year by year, and all aspects of the ARRA grapes are nicer, stronger and have a better shelf life.
ABOMIN application indeed needs technical support and foliar management. It signals a move towards the end of chemical applications for nutrition, a natural balanced soil, enriching the soil only with natural essential elements, maintaining a high-quality result, improving the farmers’ satisfaction and last but not least, increasing the cost benefit balance for the producers. All this is possible with the correct use of ABOMIN.

We would like to extend and our appreciation and warm thanks to Maurizio and the Doctor Farmer team for their valuable input and continued support of the ARRA programme in Europe.

We'll meet again

In light of the ongoing situation with current pandemic, for the benefit of our partners and licensees health and safety, it is with much regret and disappointment that we inform you that the ARRA field days, scheduled to take place in California in July and August, have been cancelled. However, we will ensure to bring to you all the latest innovations and developments from the breeding site.

Here's hoping that 2021 will find us altogether at the ARD breeding site in Bakersfield once again!

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