Italy: ARRA 32, excellent quality grape

ARRA Varieties™ were recently featured in Fresh Plaza.  Click here to see the article, or read more below.

Halfway through October, the first production of seedless black grape ARRA 32 was harvested in Piemonte. This variety perfectly adapted to the climate and soil of Piemonte. Producers are extremely happy about this. Carlo Lingua of Avi confirmed this during the Fruit Attraction Madrid.

Carlo Lingua shows the ARRA 32 variety.
Carlo Lingua shows the ARRA 32 variety.

Lingua: “ARRA 32 is a big success in Piemonte thanks to the productivity and the organoleptic quality. The other 10 hectares will soon be planted. We are growing thanks to an excellent grape in terms of yields and quality”.

According to Lingua, it is crucial to take care of the organoleptic quality in order to produce grapes. ARRA 32 will increase the consumption because it is crunchy, sweet and beautiful thanks to its ‘full colour’.

“We selected ARRA varieties because of their high level of Brix degrees. These grapes have a peculiar aroma, they are crunchy, with big and uniform berries of bright colours. Plus, they can rely on an excellent productivity”.

Lingua: “We should take into account the shelf-life, also. We experts all know how crucial it is to have a durable product for both the transportation and the supermarket. ARRA 32 endures for many days without qualitative decay”.

AVI has the production and marketing rights for Europe of the patented ARRA seedless varieties, developed by the Californian Giumarra.

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