New early grape varieties and developments

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2018 is the year that the early ARRA™ table grape varieties are starting to appear in volume in the marketplace. These early varieties, unique to the ARRA programme, are the result of ARD breeder Shachar Karniel’s foresight. Years ago Shachar anticipated the need to replace existing early varieties like Flame and Perlett that were deemed no longer suitable due to their considerable production costs and high maintenance requirements. 

Among the early ARRA varieties that are making their mark, ARRA 29 and ARRA 30 are commercialized worldwide.

ARRA 29: This large, early, crisp variety is an excellent replacement for Flame and has exceptional eating quality. ARRA 30: Ready for harvest 7 days after Early Sweet. This variety is perfect for mass production and is a great replacement for a very early white variety
Other early white, red and black varieties coming up
In addition to the commercialized varieties, there is also an array of upcoming early varieties in the pipeline, which are currently under evaluation in the ARD test block. The following 5 photos show these varieties.
8A-19+4 (Jumbo): An excellent white variety, harvested immediately after ARRA 30 and ripening concurrently with Thompson.
9A-3+1: Ripening the same time with Early Sweet, the berries are crisp and sweet, with a divine muscat flavour.
Left: 7A-40+1: Is an extremely early red variety (10 days before Flame), very fertile, with a natural colour. Middle: 30A-11+3: Ripening immediately after Flame, very productive, large berry size and great eating quality. Right: 83B-21+2: Ripening concurrently with Flame, a very promising black variety with both great eating qualities and extended shelf life.
For a firsthand view of these amazing early varieties in the breeding site and commercial plots, there is an ARRA Open Field Days which will take place in Bakersfield, California in July in week 29 and in August in week 33.

During the August field days, they will also present a new line of muscat varieties and mid to late season varieties.

The ARRA table grape line is also expanding in mid and late ARRA varieties to meet demands of the marketplace.

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