This week, we bring you the latest news from the recent Asia Fruit Logistica Exhibition in Hong Kong where the Grapa team presented an array of ARRA™ varieties. In addition, we catch up with some ARRA harvests in the Mediterranean region and share with you a recently published article on HaciendasBio’s remarkable organic ARRA Sweeties ™ (ARRA 15) harvest.

Meditarranean Harvest

The ARRA Sweeties ™ (ARRA 15) harvest is underway in Greece. Currently being harvested (from week 33 to week 39), in its first commercial year, the quality of this abundant harvest is excellent. Jupiter Group, the master license holders for ARRA™ varieties in Greece, reports that the variety certainly lives up to its name with Brix levels of 18-19 and the bunches are ideally shaped with impressively sized berries of 21mm and over.  ARRA Sweeties ‘ (ARRA 15) rain tolerance and great storage ability ensure the variety reaches the shelves in prime condition. For more information please see link.


AVI, the territorial ARRA representative in Europe have ensured a strong showing of ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30) on the supermarket shelves in Europe this season.

This year, ARRA Sugar Drop™ was ready to harvest ten days before Sugarone. Looking beautiful both on the vines and on the shelves, this premium quality variety has established its presence in the markets due to its attractive appearance, high brix and crunchiness. The feedback from retailers and consumers was very positive and the prices were very good for this premium product.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30), packed under the brand BioHelle organic line of HaciendasBio, enjoyed great success in the market.
Wonderfruit is the AVI brand for its premium products

AVI general manager, Carlo Lingua says of this year’s harvest so far, “We are in the middle of the ARRA varieties season and we are looking forward to ARRA 15 and later on, during October ARRA 32. So far we have received  great feedback from the European market and  are waiting to hear how the exporting to Brazil did

We are delighted to share with you the following article from HaciendasBio which was recently published in Fresh Plaza online magazine.

ARRA 15 organic table grape campaign kicks off in Spanish province of Badajoz

HaciendasBio, Spain’s leading organic fruit and vegetable producer and a leading exporter of fruit and vegetable products to Europe, is starting with the organic ARRA 15 table grape harvesting campaign, of which it is the only producer nationwide. This ARRA variety is a white seedless grape with large, cylindrical berries, a great flavour with good sugar-acid balance and a very crunchy, fleshy and juicy texture.


The company has more than 100 hectares cultivated with different varieties of ARRA grapes, distributed in 5 farms in Almería, Seville and Badajo. To read the full article, please click here.

The Grapa team were on hand to warmly welcome both old friends and new visitors to the Grapa stand at the Asia Fruit Logisitica Exhibition in Hong Kong last week.
This year’s exhibition was most satisfactory and the general consensus of opinion among both exhibitors and visitors alike was that contrary to expectations considering the recent unrest in Hong Kong, the exhibition was both valuable and important.


Something for Everyone

Proudly presenting the ARRA varieties together with AVI, the territorial representative for the ARRA varieties in Europe, the Grapa team were pleased to show some of our most promising mid-late selections together with commercial varieties such as the spectacular ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32) from California; its shiny black colour, big bunches and great flavour made a great impression on all who tasted it.


The ARRA varieties had a good international representation at the exhibition, displayed on the stands of our agents and growers. 


It's a grape taste

Given the changing tastes of the consumers, in order to ascertain which ARRA varieties will be most favourable to the Asian markets, a tasting panel of the ARRA varieties was held at Asia Fruit Logistica. Tasters from the Chinese retail industry were invited to taste the varieties and give their feedback.

It was grape to see you!

A warm thanks to the visitors, colleagues and friends who dropped by to visit us in Hong Kong.

We look forward to seeing you next month in Madrid and Anaheim in California

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