Published on July 6, 2023 in Fresh Plaza Magazine

Table grapes - day dedicated to varietal innovation in Sicily

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A lot of people attended the Open Field Day organized by AVI and OP Valleverde (Novello&C) in collaboration with authorized Sicilian distributors Barbera International, Colleroni (OP Sicula), Frutta In, OP Opens (Co.Ra and Si.fa Bio).

A moment during the event

It was a busy and fruitful day to promote the ARRA Sugar DropTM (ARRA30) variety. Participants had the chance to assess its characteristics up close.

ARRA Grapes

During the day, AVI’s technicians presented the guidelines that need to be followed to obtain a product that meets market needs, which have already been experimented for a few years. There was also an interesting debate with producers on the agronomic, nutritional and water management of vineyards. Agronomists Maurizio Simone and Marco Tempesta stressed the importance of selecting and pruning grape clusters.

Carlo Lingua, CEO at AVI

As can be seen from the photos, ARRA Sugar DropTM (ARRA30) boasts a lovely cream color, excellent grades and is very crunchy and sweet.

Sicily is extremely interesting for the entire table grape cultivation sector, as the produce is available early and is followed by the production from Puglia. The variety can be found on the market between late May and late September.

Marco Tempesta, technician at AVI

The variety is doing well in supermarkets and on the markets. Over 2,000 hectares of ARRATM have been licensed so far all over Europe. Italy is the country with the larger number of hectares and ARRA Sugar DropTM (ARRA30) is the most cultivated variety. Good part of the chain believes this variety could be a worthy heir of Victoria grapes

Dr. Maurizio Simone, technician at AVI

“AVI and Grapa will continue monitoring the various domestic and international markets. The recent intervention by the Guardia di Finanza was decisive to identify some illegal batches in the big distribution chain. The monitoring action carried out by AVI and Grapa is necessary to prevent frauds and safeguard legal operators,” explained CEO Carlo Lingua.

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