ISSUE NO. #344

SNeak Peek: Northern Harvest

Israel: jordan valley harvest of honey pop™

May 20, 2022

Salmor Grapes: The Jordan Valley, Israel

Chen Salomon, owner of Salmor Grapes, located in the Jordan Valley is harvesting his first commercial production of ARRA Honey Pop and ARRA Sugar Drop. Both varieties are grown under greenhouse and this allow the grapes to ripen even earlier.

The ARRA Honey Pop harvest in Salmor Grapes started last Sunday and ARRA Sugar Drop will follow in the coming days.

Chen reports:” I am very happy with the production of ARRA Honey Pop. The variety’s very short growing cycle, productivity and being very low-in-labor, as well as its high level of crunchiness and size, make this the perfect very early variety to grow”.

Chen continues: “I was pleasantly surprised to discover how both varieties kept their own characteristics even when grown under greenhouse rather than in the open field and this doesn’t usually happen with other varieties. After the season, I will further adapt the protocol to the greenhouse growing practices in order to obtain an even better crop.”

Chen concludes: “ARRA Honey Pop requires almost no labor and ARRA Sugar Drop needs only a few days of work in order to open the bunches. This allowed me to manage the production in the farm with peace of mind and I couldn’t ask for more”.

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ARRA Sugar Drop just before harvest at Salmor Grapes!! 😮😮😮😮

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ARRA Honey Pop just before harvest at Salmor Grapes. ❤️