Straight from the baking vineyards of Bakersfield; this week, we bring you the highlights of the recent ARRA™ field days in California.

Showing ARRA true colours

This month, we held two ARRA field days at the ARD breeding programme site in Bakersfield. It was a great pleasure to see so many visitors from all over the world gather to see the future leading table grape varieties firsthand. 

The field days provided the opportunity for the participants to see the very best of the ARRA varieties in all their glory on the vines.

Notes from the vineyards

Take note; the participants found a lot to interest them in the vineyards

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves

Rising Star - ARRA 33

Fresh on the vines or from cold storage, the participants had the chance to see and taste the newest member of the ARRA club, ARRA 33, which is certainly early and unique in its sweetness, aroma and crunchiness. In addition, the ARRA 33 has a great shelf life in cold storage and as the visitors saw, the bunches hold on the vines as fresh as can be for up to forty-five days. 

Must have Muscats

Going ‘back to the future’, the classic Muscat varieties’ flavour awaken a sense of nostalgia. Our Muscat line offers red and white selections, each characterized by a distinguished flavour, great yield and shelf life.

Selections and varieties for every taste

After touring the breeding programme site and commercial plots of ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29) and ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15), the participants sampled the best selections and varieties from the vines as well as samples from cold storage, thereby giving the visitors a great perspective on the ARRA selections portfolio.
We continue to evaluate our innovative ARRA selections and varieties ready for showcasing at the 2020 ARRA field days.

Mixing business with pleasure

What better way to end the field days than with good food and great company!

We heard it in the grapevines

We would like to thank all the ARRA agents, growers and guests whose participation made these field days so memorable. Special thanks to the Giumarra family and team for their support and valued contribution.

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