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“We will soon reveal new mass-production flavoured table grape varieties”

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Operating in over 30 countries, Grapa Varieties remains steadfast in its pursuit and exploration of new markets and opportunities. “This drive is rooted in our farmer-centric approach as we continue to shape the table grape industry worldwide,” says Rafi Karniel, Chairman and CEO of Grapa.

Rafi Karniel, Grapa Varieties Chairman and CEO

Looking ahead, Giumarra and Grapa understand that for their continued growth they must invest in the heart of their operation. “We are proud to announce the expansion of our new experimental ranch and future breeding center. Plantation on the 160-acre site has already begun, with plenty of space for a state-of-the-art facility that will optimize and support the ARRA breeding program for many years to come.”

For a comprehensive understanding of the ARRA range, field days are organized in different key growing regions. But looking for the ultimate experience, Giumarra and Grapa open their breeding site in California for two annual field day sessions. The first session takes place in July, showcasing the ultra-early and early varieties, while the second session in August features all the varieties in their collection.

Long history, strong foundation

Rich heritage
“Over two decades ago, Shachar Karniel envisioned the ARRA Breeding Program. Together with the Giumarra family, they transformed his innovative idea into reality, growing the unique and special partnership between the two families. In 2009, the first varieties were launched, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Both families have a rich history in grape growing, making it an inherent part of their nature and deeply ingrained in their DNA. This strong bond forms the very foundation of the breeding program’s establishment. The partnership structure is streamlined, with Grapa owned by the Karniel family, being responsible for the global commercialization of the breeding program’s varieties except for North America, which is directly managed by the Giumarra family. The ARRA Breeding Program is privately owned by the Giumarra and Karniel families, which sets it apart as the only family-owned business among the leading table grape breeding companies,” explains Karniel.

Earliest red, black and white varieties
“There is the recent generation of table grape varieties that display excellent characteristics across all parameters that really distinguish them. Among these, Grapa is proud to introduce the world’s earliest white, red, and black trio. Additionally, the ARRA varieties exhibit a remarkable tolerance to adverse weather conditions, including substantial rain, extreme heat, and unpredictable climates, which is a crucial advantage in the face of today’s global climate change. The ARRA varieties, in particular, stand out for their short production cycles, enabling early harvests and enhanced economic efficiency. This, in turn, leads to reduced labor, decreased irrigation needs, and minimized pesticide use, all contributing to their environmental sustainability and grower-friendliness,” details Karniel.

World's earliest red, white and black trio: ARRA Fire Kiss, ARRA Honey Pop, ARRA Mystic Charm

In today’s challenging economic climate, growers face numerous obstacles that threaten their financial stability. In response, two possible outcomes can happen: growers may avoid investments altogether, leading to a slowdown in plantation growth, or they may seek viable alternatives to replace unprofitable varieties. “With this in mind, Giumarra and Grapa proudly present a line of varieties that specifically address these challenges. Arra varieties provide superior alternatives, offering enhanced security and a reliable income. A classic example of this transition is the ultra-early red variety ARRA Fire Kiss™. It not only serves as a worthy replacement for the extensively planted but now undesirable Flame Seedless variety but also cements its position on the shelves as the first red variety of the season. This exceptionally very early red grape variety has demonstrated commercial success and global demand. It received great feedback from both growers and supermarkets making it an obvious choice,” states Karniel.

New line of mass-production, crunchy, flavored ARRA varieties

New flavoured varieties coming soon
“While the main focus continues to be breeding the best everyday green, red and black grape varieties, Giumarra and Grapa have diversified our efforts into also developing a line of mass-production flavoured varieties. This decision came as a response to the demand in this niche market and has brought about a unique and unparalleled selection. Soon, these phenomenal, crunchy flavored varieties will be revealed to growers, marketers, and consumers who will undoubtedly be crazy for them.”

Giumarra and Grapa extend a warm invitation to everyone to register and join them for a day in the field in Bakersfield, California on 21-26 August, 2023.

Come and taste the Grapa Varieties in Hong Kong, Hall 5 booth 5J16

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