In this week’s Newsletter, we are delighted to share with you the early ARRA Varieties grown in greenhouses in the Jordan Valley of Israel. Growing the varieties in a greenhouse helps ripen the grapes even earlier. In addition, we bring you news fresh off the press from the ARRA Breeding site in California.


Today, ARRA 33, is the variety most similar in characteristic to the Early Sweet™ variety, ripening at the same time or even one week earlier in some regions. One of the great advantages of ARRA 33 is its short growing cycle and high level of crunchiness. Its productivity, size, and creamy color that does not change with time, that makes this variety the perfect very early variety to grow. In addition to being free of shot berries, ARRA 33 is characterized by its outstanding eating quality with extreme crunchiness and a hint of Muscat flavor. ARRA 33 is very grower-friendly and ideal for producers that are increasingly looking for an early variety to grow and commercialize.

ARRA 33 in the Jordan Valley
ARRA 33 planted in Salmor Grapes, Jordan Valley

ARRA 33 in the Jordan Valley

Uzi Yaron, Grapa R&D Director reports: “Last season we grafted the first two commercial blocks or ARRA 33 in Israel, one in the Jordan Valley and the other in Moshav Lachish in the south of Israel. Both will be commercialized by Tali Grapes which is the biggest ARRA Varieties supplier in Israel”.
Uzi continues: “There are not many varieties, especially early ones, that can be considered almost totally labor-free. ARRA 33 is extremely grower-friendly as it only needs the basic steps: pruning, light de-leafing, spray, and it is ready to harvest. There is no labor necessary for the bunches and the results are a crispy and sweet grape”.

Hen Salomon, the owner of Salmor Fruit and  ARRA producer in greenhouse, says: “I can not believe that the bunches on my vines look exactly like the catalog’s picture. ARRA 33 is a great variety and this is only the first year of production for me. This season I reached a production of 23 tons per hectare and I will easily have 24/25 tons once the vines will get stronger.” Hen adds: “With ARRA 33 what you see you get.” Hen already secured the plant material for next season and his plan is to uproot vines of all other varieties planted in another farm in order to replace them with ARRA 33.

ARRA 33 Jordan Valley

Check out ARRA 33 in Salmor Grapes greenhouse

ARRA 33 Jordan Valley with sizers
These pictures speak for themselves.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30)

In the past year, ARRA Sugar Drop (ARRA 30), has produced excellent quality harvests in the Mediterranean areas like Egypt, Sicily and Puglia in South Italy and Morocco proving itself to be well-suited to these regions’ climate. This early, white seedless variety is very fertile, has an excellent eating quality, holds up well on the vine and has a great shelf life. In the Jordan Valley ARRA Sugar Drop is grown in a greenhouse and is showing great potential, ripening very early. Definitely, a good and very productive early white that ripens one week after Early Sweet.
ARRA 30 grown by Salmor Fruit, Jordan Valley
ARRA Sugar Drop™ from the packing house to the market
When you really can't choose: get both.! ARRA 29 & ARRA 30 in Salmor Fruit greenhouse

ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29)

Like ARRA Sugar Drop™ (ARRA 30) ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29) is showing good results so far. Growing in a greenhouse in first year of production, this variety is showing great adaptability to the environment. With a wide international presence, ARRA Passion Fire™, an early red selection from the ARRA range, has attracted considerable attention. “ARRA Passion Fire™  has large, crisp berries, a medium-sized bunch and exceptional eating quality.

With ARRA 29 the crispiness increases as the Brix levels rise. This allows the growers to quickly understand that waiting for sugar levels of a minimum of 18-19 Brix, will develop great eating and tasting qualities that will also have an excellent shelf life and arrive well to the market.

ARRA Passion Fire™ from the packing house to the market

Creating the Future

Every year the spring brings the fragrant smell of the grapes flowering and for us, this means a new challenging year of intensive cross-breeding of the new ARRA Varieties for the generations to come. Year after year we are continuously improving our genetic profiles in order to develop a new selection of sweet, flavorful, and most suitable varieties that can easier adapt to different areas and regions.

Removing anthers from bisexual flowers without affecting the female reproductive part (pistil)
Removing anthers from bisexual flowers without affecting the female reproductive part (pistil)
Sharp eyes and precise touch, the emasculation carries on 
Grapa's  Agronomy Operations Manager Keren Mizrahi traveled to Bakersfield to take part in this season's cross breeding project

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