ARRA Attraction in São Paulo

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Last week we had the pleasure of taking part in the first-ever Fruit Attraction in São Paulo Brazil, showcasing the diversity of Brazilian fruits. The fair has brought together producers, experts, and enthusiasts globally, emphasizing Brazil’s role as a key player in fruit production. Brazil is recognized as a leading fruit producer on a global scale, offering a wide range of fruits from different regions of the country.

Table grape production in Brazil, primarily concentrated in the Sao Francisco Valley, has experienced significant growth over the past decade. The local industry faces challenges due to the tropical conditions exposing the bunches to large quantities of rainfall. On the other hand, this tropical setting allows to grow 2 annual cycles with great flexibility in terms of harvest timing. The ARRA program has been a game changer in the local industry, greatly impacting the table grape production, supply and demand. 

At the ARRA stand in the fair, the Grapa Brazil team alongside Vered Karniel, Finance Director at Grapa Varieties, proudly showcased the finest ARRA varieties, grown in and around Petrolina Brazil.

Vered remarks, “This exhibition holds great significance for the South American continent, drawing many local producers and buyers. The first exhibition in São Paulo aimed to evaluate its relevance, and based on conversations with attendees, it’s clear that it must continue in the future.” Visitors praised the ARRA varieties, hailing them as ‘revolutionary’ for their exceptional performance despite significant rainfall, reaching approximately 700 mm. See for yourself in the video below:

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A Sweet Crunch Fair

The most widely planted ARRA variety in Brazil is no other than ARRA Sweeties™, that was exhibited not only at the ARRA stand but also at the stands of our esteemed growers.

For many years growers awaited a red match for ARRA Sweeties, and the ARRA Cherry Crush™ certainly delivered. Numerous attendees were taken by the mixed punnets, describing them as the “perfect match”. Many were specifically drawn to ARRA Cherry Crush for its distinctive color, remarkable taste, and suitable size for the Brazilian market.”

Augusto Prado, President of Grapa Brazil, shares his excitement at the fair: “The ARRA varieties are the best in Brazil, the people at Fruit Attraction Sao Paulo are crazy for these grapes. ARRA Cherry Crush is the most successful, “the queen” of red varieties in the country.”

The visitors also enjoyed the new white selection on display, offering a refreshing surprise, while many anticipate what the future holds for it.

The ARRA Vibe

During the three busy days at the exhibition, the team engaged in insightful meetings with familiar faces and newcomers, promoting the ARRA Attraction.

The overall atmosphere was incredibly upbeat, with the ARRA growers feeling right at home at the ARRA stand. It was heartening to witness their sense of belonging and pride in the brand. We were thrilled to share a joint dinner with local ARRA buyers, who also expressed their appreciation for the exceptional quality of ARRA varieties.

At the fair, we also maintained our tradition of a delightful Happy Hour. Together guests celebrated their fruitful collaboration, passion, and innovation.

We would like express our deep gratitude to the exceptional Grapa Brazil team for their professionalism and dedication to making this event a resounding success. Their efforts have truly made this attracting exhibition memorable and exciting.

Andre in Wonder ARRA World

We believe in the ARRA Family and its global community. This is why, when we license growers, we devote ourselves to support them with technical hands-on support throughout the year. The goal of this approach is to streamline the production of high-quality, true-to-type produce across the world. With his vast knowledge in the field and vision of the evolving industry, as Grapa’s Global Tech Support Advisor, Andre Vermaak provides all necessary agro-technical-operational guidance to the ARRA producers near and far, to lead them to optimal quality and success. In preparation for the upcoming harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, last week Andre embarked on his visits to growers in the Mediterranean, in this week’s edition we will feature his visit to ARRA producers in Turkey.

Andre's visit to Turkey

Andre notes that he has witnessed the most remarkable performance since the ARRA program started in the country.

The protocols are closely followed which clearly impacted the impressive development of the vine. Andre has advised the growers regarding pruning, which effectively averted any weather-related damage.

The ARRA Sugar Drop™, ARRA Sweeties™ and ARRA Honey Pop™ all look very promising.

Andre’s frequent trips have forged strong relationships with ARRA partners worldwide. Through impeccable rapport with growers, a shared vision has been cultivated. Growers are now well-acquainted with the various ARRA Varieties, and there is a robust support system for everyone involved.

Andre eagerly anticipates enhancing performance and expanding cultivation of what he considers as the “most profitable table grape varieties in the world.”

ARRA You Ready to Pop Your World?

In this edition, we are excited to launch a special spotlight on ARRA Honey Pop™.

The Easy-to-Grow, Hard-to-Resist Grape!

We are proud to say that the ARRA Honey Pop is the earliest new white variety in the world, ripening close to the Early Sweet™.

This variety is also known for being unbeatably grower-friendly, its short growing cycle, exceptional fertility, and uniform-sized berries. The short growing cycle reduces the risk of weather effects and minimizes the labor and agricultural products required for its growth. All the above makes this variety significantly more financially efficient and sustainable.

Not only growers are extremely impressed by it, but the ARRA Honey Pop has also proved to be very attractive for exporters and buyers due to its outstanding shelf life and storage capabilities. Apart from being such an early bird, covering a perfect market window, the ARRA Honey Pop also has a refreshing taste and crunchy texture, providing whoever eats it with an exceptional eating experience.

When this Namibian ARRA Honey Pop arrived in Europe a few months ago, it was a delightful surprise for the importer’s first encounter:

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We’re not alone in recognizing this variety as a hit; see what others have to say about ARRA Honey Pop:

“As soon as shoppers get a taste of these tantalizing table grapes, you can bet they’ll soon be back for a bag—or two”

–  Peggy Packer,  the Snack

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ARRA Fire Crunch™

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ARRA Passion Fire™

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We’ve heard other growers excited about this year’s performance.

“The ARRA Passion Fire was probably the most beautiful red grapes around on our farms.”

ARRA Fire Kiss™

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