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ARRA 13 - ARRA Passion Star™

ARRA 13 is an extremely fertile variety which produces large, meaty, juicy fruit, characterized by elliptic, flavorsome berries. It is self-coloring, and very cost effective to grow. Enjoying worldwide success, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of South Africa and Namibia.

ARRA 19 - ARRA Passion Glow™

ARRA 19 is a mid-late season seedless, red variety. Its extraordinary on-the-vine hanging ability, leads to an optimal natural, cherry color, increased sugar accumulation and extended shelf life.  This variety has unprecedented shelf life and transit durability.

ARRA 29 - ARRA Passion Fire™

ARRA 29 is an early red seedless variety with exceptional eating quality. It has large, crisp berries, a medium sized bunch and an excellent natural, cherry color. Ripening at the same time as Flame, it is considered the best Flame replacement. The extraordinary shelf life and shipping durability makes it the growers’ preferable early red.

ARD 35

Showing excellent potential, with an exceptional, full-pink color and crisp, large berries; this fertile, early-mid variety is a natural continuation of ARRA Passion Fire™ in terms of seasonal timing.

ARD 36

Large elongated, cherry-colored berries with a sweet and crispy eating-experience make this a favored red variety. Its excellent sugar-acid balance result in a superb flavor. As well as full rain resistance, ARD 36 has exceptional storage ability.

ARd 42

This very early red variety exemplifies the true sense of “As Early as ARRA”, with its large, sweet berries ripening naturally before Flame. The striking full red color together with the crispiest crunch and harmonious flavour make this red a popular pick. ARD 42 has proven to be very fertile and grower friendly.

ARD 43

This variety has a bright red, natural color and is tolerant to rain. Mid late, with uniform berries and good fertility, it is showing great potential.

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