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ARRA Passion Star™ - ARRA 13

ARRA Passion Star is an early red, extremely fertile variety that produces large, meaty, juicy, flavoursome berries. The variety is characterized by elliptic, beautifully coloured, and uniform berries. It is self-colouring, and very cost effective to grow, and a star income earner. ARRA Passion Star thrives in desert climates, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of South Africa and Namibia.

ARRA Passion Glow™ - ARRA 19

ARRA Passion Glow is a mid-late season red variety with extraordinary on-the-vine hanging ability that leads to a natural, glowing red colour and increased sugar accumulation. The beautiful berries provide a superb eating quality with a delightful sweetness and crunchy texture. These traits are maintained over time due to the variety’s transit durability and extended shelf life.

ARRA Passion Fire™ - ARRA 29

This established early red variety boasts a beautiful, natural, full red colour. It’s large, crunchy berries offer a fantastic eating quality. Good productivity, extraordinary hanging ability, shipping durability and shelf life, make it a choice early red.

arra fire crunch™ - ARD 35

The early-mid red variety boasts a unique fire-red colour. The extremely crunchy, large berries and well-balanced taste provide a supreme eating experience. It’s a fertile and easy-to-grow variety with uniform colour that stays red on the vine and doesn’t get dark over time. This variety also withstands rain and offers unparalleled cold storage capability and shelf-life capacity. In short: THE ULTIMATE RED.


We have a crush on this intense cherry-colour variety with its large, elongated, berries. This mid-late variety that boasts excellent sugar-acid balance, cherry flavour and sensational crunch, delights in appearance, taste and eating experience. Proven to be fully rain resistant, the variety also has excellent fertility and exceptional storage ability. It is the ultimate long shipping variety with the best shelf life in the industry. ARRA Cherry Crush™ literally has it all!


The earliest existing red variety in the market ripens naturally 4-5 days before Flame. The advantageous short cycle, natural full red colour, together with large, sweet, crunchy berries make this a perfect Flame replacement. ARRA Fire Kiss has proven to be very fertile and grower friendly, as well as bearing great post-harvest and shipping qualities.

ARD 43

This Mid-Late variety is a stunning bright red that maintains its vibrant colour on the vine, well after ripening, allowing for great harvest flexibility. ARD 43 is fertile, easy to grow, requires minimal labour and has great cold storage durability. Its timing right after ARRA Cherry Crush, stretches the season even further, ensuring a continued consistent supply of brilliant, tasty and crunchy red gems.

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