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Early Sweet is the earliest commercial, seedless, white variety worldwide. Well known for its very high fertility, excellent eating quality and attractive creamy color. Due to its durability in cold storage and transit it reaches the markets unblemished.

ARRA Sweeties™ - ARRA 15

ARRA Sweeties is a distinctive and highly desirable white grape variety, renowned for its exceptional eating quality due to a combination of unique sugar-acid balance, thin dissolving skin and intense crunchiness. With its adaptability to diverse climates and proven ability to withstand rainy conditions, this versatile variety has become a favoured choice among growers in 24 countries worldwide. Not only does ARRA Sweeties boast excellent shipping performance and a long shelf life, but it also features an attractive elongated berry shape, ideal bunch structure and outstanding fertility.

ARRA Sugar Drop™ - ARRA 30

ARRA Sugar Drop is an early white, extremely fertile variety, characterized by very large, naturally loose bunches. It is known for its appealing, elongated, light creamy colour berries that are delightfully crunchy and sweet, in a thin skin that seamlessly melts away. The variety holds up well on the vine and is also suitable for the production of DOV (dry on vine) jumbo raisins. Over time, they reach an outstanding delicious sweetness, with a juicy, tender texture, in a soft, delicate skin.

ARRA Honey Pop™ - ARRA 33

The earliest new generation white variety in the world, ARRA Honey Pop bears outstanding eating quality, with extreme crunchiness and a hint of Muscat flavour. Due to its short cycle, fast sugar accumulation and uniformity this is an ideal choice for anyone seeking the ultimate very early white. ARRA Honey Pop is very fertile, truly grower friendly with exceptional shelf life and storage capabilities.

ARRA Yum!bo™ - ARRA 34

ARRA Yum!bo is clearly Yummy and Jumbo! It draws attention due to its unique XXXL berry size, shiny green colour and fresh eating quality. The variety’s fertility, ease of growing and rain tolerance are together also a huge advantage. It ripens between ARRA Sugar Drop and ARRA Sweeties, thereby ensuring the continuous, at least 2 months long, sequence of white, elongated, thin skinned ARRA varieties. Additionally, the ARRA Yum!bo is suitable for the production of golden jumbo raisins that are sweet and fruity in flavour, meaty and tender in texture.

ARRA Sunny Pop™ - ARD 39

With ARRA Sunny Pop every bunch on the vine is a bunch in the box, this is a result of the extremely uniform berry size development, both in and between the bunches. This uniformity makes it easier for growers to deliver a consistent true-to-type, beautiful product to the markets. ARRA Sunny Pop is a robust variety that produces a consistently high yield year after year. The sweet, firm berries have a crunchy texture with a subtle enjoyable aromatic flavour, that are all wrapped in an almost unreal dazzling green ovoid grape. The variety has excellent storage capacity and remarkable shelf life as well as impressive hanging ability allowing for harvest flexibility.

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