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Early Sweet is the earliest commercial, seedless, white variety worldwide. Well known for its very high fertility, excellent eating quality and attractive creamy color. Due to its durability in cold storage and transit it reaches the markets unblemished.

ARRA 15 - ARRA Sweeties™

ARRA 15 is a unique and appealing white, seedless variety. It is planted worldwide due to its adaptability to differing climates, exceptional eating quality, berry shape and crunchiness, as well as great shipping performance and long shelf life.  ARRA 15 is very fertile with ideal bunch shape, and incomparable rain resistance and is currently planted in 25 countries. All these characteristics result in its increasing success as an extraordinary and popular white, seedless variety.

ARRA 30 - ARRA Sugar Drop™

ARRA 30 is an early white seedless variety and is extremely fertile with very large, naturally loose bunches. It is characterized by appealing, elongated-shaped berries that are crunchy and sweet with a light creamy color. ARRA 30 has an excellent eating quality and holds up well on the vine and in cold storage. ARRA 30 is the best variety suitable for the production of DOV (dry on vine) Jumbo raisins. ARRA 30 raisins achieve their maximum delicious sweetness as they ripen on the vine over a long period of time. They are juicy and plump with a soft, thin skin.

ARRA 33 - ARRA Honey Pop™

The uniqueness of the ARRA 33 is the ripening time which is about as early as Early Sweet and a week before ARRA 30.  It is an excellent replacement for other very early varieties. Free of shot berries, it is characterized by outstanding eating quality with extreme crunchiness and a hint of Muscat flavor. 

ARRA 34 - arra yUM!bO™

This variety has attracted much interest among growers due to its unique, berry shape and size, fresh eating quality, shiny color, its fertility and ease of growing. It ripens between ARRA 30 and ARRA 15, promising the continuous supply of elongated berry shaped white ARRA varieties for at least 2 months. It is currently in the final stages of evaluation. ARRA 34 is a suitable variety for the production of Golden Jumbo raisins that are sweet and fruity in flavor, meaty and tender in texture. Optimally, ARRA 34 bunches are harvested when they are still fresh.

ARRA 26-6+3

The earliest white selection to ripen. It is sweet and aromatic, featuring a crunchy taste and a creamy colour. Everyone tasting it absolutely loves its unique and delicious flavour.

ARRA 88A-8+2

A mid-late outstanding large selection with loose bunches and uniform elongated berries. Easily reaching an incredible berry size, this promising selection is at an advanced stage of evaluation. ARRA 88A-8+2 is for the production of Extra Large Jumbo raisins. They have a very pleasant texture and are extra-large, plump and meaty.

ARRA 93B-35+7

It’s hard to compete with this excellent Muscat selection due to its high yield, optimal bunch formation, elongated and attractive berry and above all, its supreme eating experience. This selection’s shiny appearance is maintained throughout storage and shipping, reaching the markets unblemished.

ARRA 14A-41+4

The pronounced Muscat flavor of this unique white seedless variety leads to its extraordinary eating quality. The Muscat flavor stays prominent after cold storage, and the color remains vibrant and flawless. This variety is currently under evaluation.

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