We’re grateful for our wonderful group of talented, motivated and good-hearted people, who help us steer Grapa into the future with professionalism, passion and dedication. Our great team has a true international flavour, with staff coming from many countries, including; Italy, Romania, Germany, Finland, United States, Canada, Brazil and England.

Shachar Karniel

Shachar is the breeder of ARRA™ and Early Sweet™ table grape varieties. As a 4th generation farmer whose family have been producing grapes since 1882, Shachar’s vast experience in table grape agriculture led him to launch and manage the breeding programme at Giumarra Vineyards Corporation under its subsidiary, ARD LLC (Agriculture Research & Development). Shachar develops innovative table grape varieties, the best of which are commercialized globally by Grapa Varieties under the ARRA brand.

Rafi Karniel

Rafi is the driving force behind Grapa's vision, goals and corporate strategy. Since his appointment as CEO in 2009, he has led Grapa's remarkable growth and evolution. Rafi holds a B.A. in Law and a Masters in Law and Business Management. In April 2017, Rafi was elected to the Board of CIOPORA, an international breeder's association. With Rafi's vision to consolidate and unite industry stakeholders to enforce global IP protection, The Breeders’ Alliance Company was born in 2019. As one of the four founding members, Rafi holds a Board seat as well.

Adi Karniel

Together with Shachar, Adi develops the future ARRA varieties under the auspices of the ARD breeding programme.

Nomi Karniel-Padan

Marketing Director
Utilizing her vast experience in international marketing, together with a childhood spent in the family vineyards, Nomi leads Grapa’s marketing and brand positioning strategy, ensuring Grapa’s place in the international table grape industry as a leading company in the development and commercialization of new table grape varieties. Nomi has a B.A. in Marketing.

Vered Karniel

Finance Director
As well as directing our financial department, Vered manages the logistics of all of Grapa’s extensive international travel and affairs abroad.

Elaine Karniel

Director of Business Relations
Elaine directs and oversees special projects related to business relationships. She develops new strategies and brings innovative approaches to deliver quality results for customers and partners. Elaine has broad institutional knowledge of Grapa, having worked cross-functionally in the company.

Alexandra Sapir

Legal Affairs Manager
As head of Grapa’s legal department, Alexandra is responsible for all aspects of international legal affairs, enforcement of IP rights and all contractual agreements. She holds a B.A. in Law and a Master in Business Administration.

Erika Shwartzbergh

Project Manager
Erika coordinates the planning and execution of several of Grapa’s projects.

Sherry Freudenreich

Legal Administrative Assistant
Sherry carries out an array of administrative duties of the legal affairs department.

Lukas Weindorf

Legal Data Coordinator
Lukas is responsible for collecting and processing plantation data reports related to our licensed growers. Additionally he is in charge of the Gesvatec labeling system which allows for worldwide traceability of the varieties that Grapa represents.

Tammy Aviad-Eshel

Technical Operation Manager
Tammy orchestrates the integration and organization of the technical department’s diverse responsibilities. As the right hand to Shachar Karniel, Tammy handles all his international correspondences.

Liz Shani

QC and Content Manager
Liz manages the compilation and analyses of worldwide QC reports. She is also the content writer for Grapa’s online publications, articles and weekly newsletter.

Keren Mizrahi

Technical Support Coordinator
Keren is in charge of the breeding program’s technical data analysis as well as the technical department’s projects and presentations. She coordinates the agrotechnical support to the ARRA varieties' growers around the world. Keren holds a B.Sc. in Plant Science.

Leticia Silva

Data Coordinator
Leticia is responsible for the analysis, processing and recording of all Grapa’s agrotechnical data collected from our licensees and partners worldwide. She is in charge of creating diverse technical material and reports

Victoria Yael Miara

Intellectual Property Manager
Yael manages patents, Plant Breeders’ Rights and trademark registration for all of the table grape varieties represented by Grapa. She holds an M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences and serves as Vice Head of Technical Experts for Fruits at CIOPORA, an international breeders’ association.

Gittel Marcus

IT and Design Manager
Gittel manages Grapa’s data architecture and visualization, together with CRM customization, web design and IT administration. In addition, she is responsible for the graphic design of all our marketing materials.

Ilona David

Financial Assistant
Ilona is responsible for an array of administrative duties in the finance department. She has a BA from JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Nicole Klein

Executive Assistant to the CEO
As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Nicole manages all correspondences on behalf of Rafi Karniel, developing and maintaining close cooperation with his international contacts.
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