OUR Partners

Over the years, Grapa has developed unique partnerships worldwide. Our agents and agronomists, with their vast experience in the agricultural field, work closely with our growers worldwide, providing professional guidance and technical support to achieve the optimal results. This valuable network of partnerships ensures that the ARRA growers are in the best hands possible.

Giumarra, North AMerica

Through decades of hard work and unwavering commitment to quality, The  Giumarra Vineyards Corporation (“GVC”) has been the leader in the California grape industry, creating and implementing new growing, packing, cooling, and shipping techniques.

ARD LLC is a subsidiary of GVC. Founded in 1999, its main purpose is the breeding of new table grape varieties and it is responsible for the development of the ARRA varieties. ARD’s breeder, Mr. Shachar Karniel, is known worldwide for his extensive agricultural knowledge and experience. His vision of labor free, highly productive grape varieties that produce attractive, delicious seedless grapes is embodied in the ARRA varieties.

ARD directly licenses the ARRA varieties to growers in North America.

Contact Information:
Shauna Rockwell
+1 6613957100

grapasa, south america

GRAPASA is the territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties and Early Sweet™ in South America. GRAPASA was established in 2009 by Mr. Karl Conrads, who has been involved in the agriculture business since 1985. His vast experience in desert agriculture and his many years in fruit exports, made his technical support invaluable to the growers in South America. Mr. Conrads is involved in all activities related to the varieties in South America, from commercialization and distribution to agricultural consultation.  

Contact Information:
Karl Conrads
+56 998 213133

grapa Brazil

Grapa Brazil is the territorial representative in Brazil for ARRA varieties. Grapa Brazil was established through the agronomist, Augusto Prado in 2011, when new ARRA varieties arrived for testing. Augusto began his career in 1994 and since 2003 has worked as a consultant. Over the years he developed practices and experience in table grape production in the tropical region. Through Grapa Brazil, all licensed ARRA growers receive technical assistance in the development of protocols and adaptation of new varieties for the tropical region. Grapa Brazil has a partnership with 4 companies in the region, where the test blocks for the new varieties are located. In 2015, with the increase in the areas planted with ARRA varieties in Brazil,  Ms. Russaika Nascimento joined the team, and in 2019, in view of the increased demand, the agronomist, Amanda Rodrigues was also hired to assist in all matters related to ARRA varieties in Brazil.
Contact Information:
Russaika Nascimento
+55 87 9 9962 3288

Topfruit, Southern africa

TopFruit, international leaders in cultivar management, is the exclusive territorial agent for the commercialization of the ARRA™ varieties and Early Sweet™ in Southern Africa. Since 1983, they have been introducing new fruit varieties into South Africa from fruit breeders all over the world. Their focus is to discover and unlock the potential of these varieties for South African and Namibian producers. This is achieved through variety development, a strong program of intellectual property management, brand development, and innovative marketing initiatives.

Contact Information:
Arnold Viljoen
+27 21 874 1033

AVI, Europe

AVI is the exclusive territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties and for Early Sweet™ in Europe. AVI’s main purpose is the commercialization of these varieties in Europe and the marketing of these varieties around the world.

AVI is a subsidiary of RK Growers, a company that supplies its fresh produce to the most qualified markets and supermarket chains in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.

Contact Information:
Carlo Lingua
+39 348 7822078

Jupiter Group, Greece and India

Jupiter are the master license holders for ARRA™ varieties in Greece. They control and hold licenses exclusively for ARRA varieties in India and are also growing ARRA in Chile.

Family led Jupiter Group’s year-round supply of produce, new variety development and specialism in prepared fruit is what makes them one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies since they began in 2003. The core of their business lies in the UK countryside, but their network of agronomy specialists, growers and pack house facilities spans the globe.

Contact Information:
Mark Tweddle
+44 19 5282 2200

Fruit Master, Australia

Fruitmaster Australia is a territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties in Australia. Together with Romeo’s Best, Fruit Master Australia has the exclusive marketing rights for the ARRA varieties in Australia.

Fruit Master Pty Ltd was established in September 2011 by Joe Lanteri and Brett Pickering to consolidate their combined 80 plus years in the table grape and agribusiness sector, that established the business as one of the largest and long-standing private producers of premium quality table grapes in Australia. In October of 2016 Fruit Master merged with the Perfection Fresh Australia grape category, the resulting business combines all of the strengths and attributes of both businesses to create one of the leading growers and marketers of Australian table grapes both domestically and internationally.

Contact Information:
Mark Leng
+61 3 9317 0537

roMEO'S BEST, Australia

Romeo’s Best is a territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties in Australia. Together with Fruit Master, Romeo’s Best has the exclusive marketing rights for the ARRA varieties in Australia. Romeo’s Best is a family owned and operated business located in Northern Victoria in the heart of Australia’s grape industry. Brothers Tony and Lindsay formed the company in 1980. Today, with properties of over 900 hectares spread throughout the East coast of Australia, Romeo’s Best is Australia’s largest privately owned Table Grape producer with the longest supply period of any Australian producer.

Contact Information:
Francesca La Spina
+61 41 7753 383

Nile Fruit Company, Egypt

Nile Fruit Horticultural Company (“NFC”) is an Egyptian partnership of four independent leading companies for growing and exporting field crops. NFC is the exclusive territorial representative for commercializing the ARRA™ varieties in Egypt. The company’s well-established test block at Technogreen is significant in evaluating the ARRA varieties under Egyptian climactic conditions. In addition, NFC holds the exclusive rights to propagate the ARRA varieties in Egypt through their licensed nursery at Technogreen. NFC is managed by the four owners of the comprising companies: Mr. Mokhless Harraz (Agrostar), Mr. Hamdy Fayed (FATA), NFC chairman Mr. Magdy Mansour, (Technogreen), Mr. Gamal Aziz (Wadi Farm).

Contact Information:
Ali Shahata
+20 10 2221 6062

catm, algeria

SARL CATM, owned by Mr. Harima Rabah, is the exclusive territorial representative for commercializing the ARRA™ varieties in Algeria.

Mr. Rabah has been in the agriculture field for 40 years and started SARL CATM in 1993. After years of hard work, he now has approximately 2,280 hectares of land in three different locations in Algeria. With over 500 workers and a fruit storage capacity of over 20,000 tons, CATM locally produces and distributes a large variety of fresh fruits. In addition, CATM imports a variety of fruits from around the world to Algeria.

Contact Information:
Mohamed Harima
+21 3 2358 4137

Grapa agent - morocco

The Grapa agency in Morocco is headed by Mr. Mikhael Levy. Mikhael has over fifteen years of experience in the agricultural and marketing fields in Morocco. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience, Mikhael supports the growth and development of the ARRA and Early Sweet programmes in Morocco, organizing and facilitating the operation to reach its full potential in the region.

Contact Information:
Mikhael Levy
+ 212 661 077 102

SVM, China

Shennong Variety Management Ltd (“SVM”) is the territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties in China. SVM is a New Zealand registered Intellectual Property Company (IP) that manages the importation, propagation, evaluation and commercialization of new fruit varieties into the China. Established in 2006, the company is based in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. The company’s objective is to manage and protect IP for domestic and international variety owners in China and to research and recommend the best commercialisation models and partners for the varieties.

Contact Information:
SVM China
John Morton
+86 64 6870 0826