BlACK Varieties


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ARRA 14 - ARRA Mystic Bloom™

ARRA 14 grown mainly in Namibia and South Africa, where growers adopted a very economically efficient culture practice resulting in excellent performance, extended shelf life and shipping durability. The variety has very good eating quality, consistent fertility and arrives successfully to the market after long transit time.

ARRA 27 - ARRA Mystic Star™

ARRA 27 is a beautiful, mid-late season, black variety. It is outstandingly fertile and boasts large bunches and berries with a small seed trace. This variety colors naturally and has good eating quality.

ARRA 32 - ARRA Mystic Dream™

ARRA 32 is a very fertile variety with extra-large bunches. Its yield per hectare is significantly higher than other black varieties in this time slot. The big, sweet berry and crisp texture with a thin skin result in a remarkable eating experience. Ripening late in the season with full black color, the ARRA 32 has excellent hanging ability on the vine and extended shelf life. This variety has successfully adapted to different growing regions including tropical climates.

ARRA 24a-15+3

This new, very promising, early, black variety, ripens as early as ARRA 30. Its great potential is revealed in its elongated, sweet, crisp berries with great eating quality and it is therefore an ideal candidate for upcoming release.

ARRA 83B-15+8

This is the earliest black ARRA selection. Ripening at the same time as Early Sweet, this selection has a beautiful, natural black colour, excellent eating quality and high fertility. This selection is remarkable for its 100% black coverage of the berries (from pedicle to tip).

ARRA 83B-21+2

This very early selection ripens at the same time as ARRA 30. It has a full black colour, superior eating quality and an extended shelf-life.  For such an early variety, its yield and bunch shape make it a chosen selection.

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