BlACK Varieties


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ARRA Mystic Bloom™ - ARRA 14

The mid black, ARRA Mystic Bloom is produced mainly in Namibia and South Africa, where growers have adopted an economically efficient culture practice that results in excellent performance, extended shelf life and notable shipping durability. The variety has very good eating quality as well as consistent good fertility.

ARRA Mystic Dream™ - ARRA 32

ARRA Mystic Dream is an extremely fertile, rain tolerant variety with extra-large, abundant bunches. The big, sweet, thin-skinned berries, with their meaty texture, provide a remarkable eating experience. Ripening late in the season with full natural black colour and beautiful bloom, ARRA Mystic Dream has excellent on the vine hanging ability and extended shelf life.


This charming, very early black, that ripens with Early Sweet, has a deep natural black berry that offers a sweet flavour and satisfying, crunchy eating quality. ARRA Mystic Charm is extremely easy to grow and its high yielding beautiful vines display very uniform shoot development that provide a great hanging ability. This variety can also be harvested at relatively low brix levels giving the grower beneficial harvest flexibility.

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