About Us

Grapa Varieties is a family business which was founded by a farmer, for the benefit of farmers. Our goal is to create timeless table grape varieties that farmers love to grow and consumers love to eat. Therefore, we are focused on the long-term success of the varieties and on the long-term success of the producers with whom we work. To achieve this, we are dedicated to supplying each and every grower with the support he needs, and to protecting the varieties’ IP Rights through legal means.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1882 when our great-great-grandfather, who was a pioneer farmer, planted our family’s first vineyard.


We’re grateful for our wonderful group of talented, motivated and good-hearted people, who help us steer Grapa into the future with professionalism, passion and dedication. 

Our Partners

Grapa has developed unique partnerships worldwide. Our agents and agronomists, with their vast experience in the agricultural field, work closely with our growers worldwide, providing professional guidance and technical support to achieve the optimal results.