We take our reds very seriously! That’s why we’ve developed a line of red grape varieties that in many ways are game changers for the industry. Our ultimate red grape line includes varieties that are visually stunning, deliver a unique eating experience, boast unbeatable storage and shelf life capabilities.  Becoming ever more important the varieties have the ability to thrive in diverse, and extreme climates. Thanks to the Red factor, our precise varietal harvesting sequence, we can stretch the grape season to its fullest potential.

A Red for every season

Ready for the hottest new red grapes? Look no further than the ARRA Red Factor line. Joining the commercial ARRA Passion Fire, our three new trademarked reds – ARRA Fire Kiss, ARRA Fire Crunch, and ARRA Cherry Crush – will set your taste buds ablaze and take the grape game to the next level. Ready to raise the bar for red grapes?

Very Early


Early Mid

Mid Late

Variety spotlight

We have a crush on this intense cherry-colour variety with its large, elongated, berries. This mid-late variety that boasts excellent sugar-acid balance, cherry flavour and sensational crunch, delights in appearance, taste and eating experience. Proven to be fully rain resistant, the variety also has excellent fertility and exceptional storage ability. It is the ultimate long-shipping variety with the best shelf life in the industry.

ARRA Cherry Crush™ literally has it all!